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February 20th, Monday, Student Holiday (Presidents' Day)

Dear Stenwood Families,

We had a great time yesterday at our Valentine’s Day parties.  Thanks to those of you who helped contribute to their success!  Thanks to those who have already returned the Student Intention Form.  If you have not done so, please do.  Knowing your plans for returning to Stenwood helps us solidify our numbers and plays a major role in the number of teachers assigned to our school.  Thank you. 

As you know, Stenwood’s website changed recently, and we thank you for your feedback.  You may not be aware of the fact that all FCPS schools are migrating to the new website format based compliance issues and a desire for uniformity between schools.  All schools will be migrating at some point during this school year; Stenwood was just fortunate to be a part of the pilot program.   

Tips on Using Our New School Website

We have been reviewing the feedback you have shared on our new website and wanted to answer some questions and provide some additional information to help you with the transition. 

We have found that the best way to navigate is to use the Full Menu as we were able to customize the Full Menu to meet our needs.  Under the Full Menu you can find the Staff Directory as well as other pages of important information. 

Stenwood ES Home page Website

How can I see the calendar of events in a calendar view? On the homepage, you can find “Stenwood Calendar” on the right-hand side, if you click on it you will find a calendar view of our events.

Stenwood Calendar

Why are there folders labeled with previous years?  We feel like the videos and photos are a great way to show wonderful things that happened at Stenwood.

Why are some things repeated on every page? There are several items called “promos” that are designed to be on every page.  We have included things we think are useful to access. 


Where is the Home Button to get back to Stenwood homepage? Clicking on Stenwood Elementary or the bee at the top will take you back to our homepage.  If you click on the FCPS logo it will take you to the FCPS website.

Additional Things to Know

We follow the FCPS guidelines for publishing pictures and videos of students.  We do not publish student names with pictures of students. 

The search function at the top is a search of the FCPS website, not Stenwood.

If you would like to provide additional feedback please email Beth Parton directly,, or complete the FCPS survey,

I hope you have a wonderful upcoming three-day weekend. 


Principal Dammeyer

Upcoming Events

02/20 Student Holiday, Presidents' Day
02/24 Family Fun Night/Bingo Night, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
02/27 Spring Picture Day
03/09 CARES Pizza
03/10 SCA Spirit Day, Emoji Day
03/14 PTA Meeting, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
03/24 Student Holiday, Staff Development Day