TransAM Guidance and Updates

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Dear DRPT Public Transportation Partners:

Please click here to find the new guidelines on assets that should be included in TransAM: TransAM Entry Requirements

There has been some confusion on what assets should be included or removed, as well as what is required for the twice-yearly updates.  As DRPT moves forward in completing the FTA-required Transit Asset Management Plan and the legislatively-required prioritization of state transit capital funding, accurate and updated data will be paramount in supporting funding decisions. 

The next update is required by July 15th (based on existing program guidance), reflecting assets as of June 30th.  To complete this update, please check the following information:

  1. Are the assets in the correct category? For example, if you have Commuter Buses and they are entered under 40-foot buses, the useful life calculation may not be correct.  Likewise, if you have a service vehicle entered as a revenue vehicle, your spare ratio will not be accurate.  Both of those issues can affect your state of good repair calculations.

  2. Do you have your large equipment items entered as equipment in TransAM? If not, your request for a replacement will not show as a state of good repair need.

  3. Are your facilities entered in TransAM? As part of the Transit Asset Management Plan, all facilities must be assigned a condition code.  The specific definitions of the facilities are discussed in the attached document.

  4. Have you updated the mileage and condition code on all vehicles? TransAM offers a much easier option for updating all information across the fleet. 

  5. Have you disposed of vehicles that you have sold? Have you entered the correct status of all vehicles? 

As stated on the attached guidance, this accuracy of this data is vital as we move towards a capital prioritization process.  If you have any questions, please contact your DRPT Program Manager or Terry Brown at or 804-786-1722. 

Thank you.