Spring Cleaning Your Spirit


Dance The Dust Away


Spring cleaning is a regular practice in our home, but what about in ourselves? Trees and plants are budding. The days are getting longer. Like every other creature in Nature, we feel a sense of renewal, and, with it, a desire to make our surroundings fresh so they can further enhance our better moods.

So why don’t we make the most of this instinct by paying particular attention this Spring to our bodies, minds and spirit? It might be that you’re stuck in a rut that saps your energy. Maybe you feel like you’ve let your social life hibernate a bit after the cold winter, holidays and the spike in Covid cases. Whatever might have you in the doldrums, a deep cleaning of mind, body and spirit might be just what you need to enhance and rediscover your true self.

Here are a few ways to dust yourself off and let the sunshine in again:

Physical Health: Try some new exercise or physical venture. It’s not always about a gym. As the weather gets nicer, there are numbers of ways to get active and get your body moving. Try going on a hike down a historic trail, attend a yoga class or dance the dust away in a Zumba class.

Emotional Health: It’s time for an emotional reset. Get past your cabin fever. Consider forming a new habit that will help you ride out the stresses in your life with greater equanimity.

Intellectual Health: Have you read any new books? Take some time to explore a few of your favorite subjects or dive into something you’re curious about. Join a book club to spur you on to more reading and into healthy discussion of opinions and ideas.

Social Health: Get out of your office. Circulate. Set yourself a goal to eat with colleagues more and alone at your desk less. Go for a walk with co-workers or neighbors.

Vocational Health: Open yourself up to the ideas of others. Engage your colleagues, friends, and network with an article on a burning topic you feel strongly about and initiate a dialogue.

Spiritual Health: All of us can benefit from reevaluation of our priorities, our values, our commitments. Feeling burnt out or overscheduled? Work on your gratitude muscle. As Nature unfurls her great beauty this Spring, take some moments to appreciate the splendor.

Amid the new round of chores, take some time to tend to your inner rejuvenation.  John Gardner wrote, “Self-Renewal is possible if we don’t lose our capacity to learn and grow. . . [It] depends in some measure on motivation, commitment, conviction, the values [we] live by the things that give meaning to our lives.”

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