Here We Go Again!


Here We Go Again!



The Delta Variant is running rampant, causing our hospitals to fill to capacity and reigniting familiar feelings of worry, frustration, and anger. The result: the déjà vu experience of “Here We Go Again!” that is so mentally and emotionally draining.

During this new wave of exhaustion and worry about what’s next, there are some strategies to cope with the feelings of “Here We Go Again!”

Consider Acceptance

How we think about things is everything. Acknowledge and accept feelings of anger and frustration. Your acceptance of the situation and your feelings will lead to a healthier response when faced with stressful situations.

Share Your Emotions in a Healthy Way

Sometimes when we share intense frustrations and feelings with others who feel the same, the feelings only intensify rather than diminish and leave us feeling angrier and more negative. Write down your feelings, either on paper or using a computer.

Know What You CAN do

As cases of the Delta Variant increases, so do our worries and it is often natural to focus on the things we can no longer do. Shifting your thoughts to things you CAN do will greatly improve your emotional well-being. Whether meeting friends outside, exercising, spending time with family and doing hobbies are things we CAN do!

Where You Place Your Attention Matters

When intense negative feelings flare up, take action to shift your attention to those things that are pleasurable. Read an inspirational book or listen to music that moves you positively. Your mind cannot focus on negative and positive feelings at the same time. You can choose!

Mini Mental Vacations

Taking several 5 to 15-minute mini mental vacations throughout the day have rejuvenating and positive results. Practice meditation or deep breathing. Take a walk outside and notice the nature around you, or practice visualization techniques to transport you to a place you love!

This is not Forever

Optimism creates a sense of wellbeing. Know this will not last forever.


Adapted from The Washington Post





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