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RAFT, The Regional Older Adults Facility Mental Health Support Team, is one of the programs of the Regional Projects Office in Northern Virginia. RAFT has been supporting older adults with mental illness and dementia for over 10 years, assisting older adults achieve and maintain successful community-based placements. RAFT was launched in June 2008.

RAFT diverts older adults in Northern Virginia from being admitted to state hospitals by providing intensive mental health services in the community. Keeping frail older adults near family and friends prevents undue hardships for everyone. State hospitals are hours away from Northern Virginia and keeping individuals in the area allows opportunity to receive treatment in the least restrictive environment.

RAFT’s mission is to keep older adults thriving in their communities!

How We Do This

The RAFT program provides direct intensive mental health services to older adults, trainings and consultations in Assisted Living and Nursing Homes, as well as to interested individuals and groups in the community.

Trainings and consultations strengthen and increase the community’s skill, knowledge base and confidence in serving this high-risk population.

The RAFT team is mobile and provides these services in the individual’s residence throughout Northern Virginia in RAFT Partner Communities. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic RAFT has now gone virtual. We have continued to stay connected with our clients and their families to provide the support they need during this uncertain time.


Northern Virginians are able to be cared for closer to home. Families are reunited. Our team works with the facility and staff to train and guide the treatment, providing support for each individual. VERY LOW recurrence of hospitalization for mental health reasons, even LOWER for State Hospitals.

Virginia CAN do Better!

We make things better through collaboration

RAFT collaborates with family, legal guardians and friends so they can be part of their treatment. RAFT also collaborates with CSBs, Long Term Care Communities and other community partners to support older adults with serious mental illness and dementia with challenging behaviors.


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The RAFT program provides intensive mental health services to individuals in Long Term Care Facilities, as well as education, training and consultations for Long Term Care Communities, Community Providers and others in the community to develop the skills and knowledge base to successfully understand and work with individuals with Mental Health and Dementia Diagnoses.


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