Plan Lee Highway: October 2019 Newsletter

Plan Lee Highway
Paul Holland, PLH

Chair’s and Vice Chair's Message

The County will post the Existing Conditions Analysis Report at the end of October.  The analysis of existing conditions is based on the County’s Preliminary Aspirational Goals for the following nine Key Planning Elements, and recent dialogue with stakeholders and Working Group members:

  • Land Use
  • Economic Vitality
  • Housing
  • Urban Design & Building Form
  • Transportation & Connectivity
  • Public Schools & Facilities
  • Public Spaces
  • Historic & Cultural Resources
  • Sustainability and Resiliency

The comprehensive analysis of the corridor’s current conditions will provide a framework for community discussions on the refinement of the aspirational goals, areas of change and potential land use scenarios.  Your input will inform development of the plan’s recommendations.  There will be many opportunities to learn about the report and provide input.  Please continue to check the website for ways to get involved through upcoming meetings, events and open design studios.

Please reach out to us or to staff at any time to discuss Plan Lee Highway – we are available! 

  • Paul Holland, Plan Lee Highway Community Forum Chair 
  • Sandi Chesrown, Plan Lee Highway Community Forum Vice Chair 

Latest News

  • The Existing Conditions Analysis report for the nine key planning elements along with an online survey, to provide your input on the findings of the analysis, will be posted at the end of October.

Notes from the Design Studio

  • The Plan Lee Highway Design Studio is open every other Friday, 12-3:30 p.m., at the LHA offices, 4620 Lee Highway, Suite 208.

  • The studio is an informal, drop-in opportunity for residents, business owners, community members and other Lee Highway stakeholders to view the latest study materials, meet with project planners, ask questions and share ideas. We hope to see you there! 

  • On November 22 and December 6, subject matter experts will be in the Studio to answer questions about the Existing Conditions Analysis Report. Please stop by to share your comments and feedback with the staff team.

Looking Ahead

  • The Community Forum will meet to review the Existing Conditions Analysis on Saturday, November 2 and in small group sessions to be held later in the month.

  • An informal educational forum will be held on the Existing Conditions Analysis at the LHA offices, 4620 Lee Highway, Suite 208 (date and time TBD). 

  • A public workshop will be held in January 2020 to discuss the Existing Conditions Analysis, refine community goals, and develop initial ideas for where change is needed in the Lee Highway planning area.


How Can You Stay Involved?


Did You Know: The 2020 Census is fast approaching, and Arlington is working to get every resident counted. The information collected through the Census provides a blueprint on how to invest resources to help communities. Arlington County receives around $50 million annually from federal assistance programs that rely on data derived from the Decennial Census. The Census is the heart of our democracy with the results used to reapportion the House of Representatives, determining how many seats each state gets. We are asking non-profit organizations, businesses, community groups, and other organizations to become Arlington Census Partners and spread the word on the importance of the Census. For more information, or to become an Arlington Census Partner, check out the County’s 2020 Census page.


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