Planning + Building eNews - April 2018

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Planning + Building eNews

Arlington County Board Adopts FY 2019 Budget

Permit Fees

Arlington’s recently adopted FY 2019 operating budget includes increases to fees for various County services, including Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development (CPHD) Development Fund fees and Department of Environmental Services (DES) Permit fees. Increases are based on many factors, including the cost of the service being provided, inflationary adjustments, and fee levels in comparable jurisdictions. Departments review their fees on a regular basis and propose changes, when appropriate, during the annual budget process. 

Business Process Updates, Reminders and Improvements 

Nonconforming Buildings and Structures FAQ

What does it mean when a one- or two-family dwelling is nonconforming? Read these frequently asked questions to learn more. Note these updates relating to renovations allowed by-right with Zoning Administrator approval: 

  • Use of a lot for any use allowed by-right in the zoning district, on lots in R-20, R-10, R-8, R-6, and R-5 districts that have less width and area than required in the subject district, so long as the lot was recorded under one ownership prior to July 15, 1950 (§16.1.1)
  • The longstanding County practice allowing lots with either substandard lot width and/or substandard lot area to take advantage of this administrative remedy is not consistent with the plain language of the text. County staff is pursuing an amendment to this section of the zoning ordinance to ensure that the regulation text aligns with the established practice. In the meantime, staff will continue with the previous interpretation, as described above.

Special Inspection for Building Permits

A Special Inspection is required for material testing, installation, fabrication, erection or replacement of components and connections requiring special expertise. When a structure has been identified to be subject to a special inspection, the applicant must review and comply with the Special Inspection & Pre-Construction Manual.


County Board Actions

Public Engagement

Westover Garden Apartments Study Public Meeting on May 16

The Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) will hold its next public hearing on May 16 on the local historic district designation request for Westover as part of its regular monthly meeting, among other regular agenda items.



Arlington County Profile 2018 

This annual report provides statistical information, including demographics, development, employment, transportation and community resources.