Planning + Building eNews - March 2017

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Planning + Building eNews

One-Stop Arlington: Making it Easier for Customers

Landscape and Tree Preservation Plans Review Process
Many development projects in Arlington require county-approved landscape plans and tree preservation plans that adhere to county regulations and best practices in urban design and urban forestry. To start the review process for your plan, learn the requirements and the new one-stop application process.The one-stop process is an interim solution to provide immediate customer service improvements and cost savings for our customers while we work on the new online permitting system, which is scheduled for roll-out later this year.

Construction Sites & Mosquitoes

Fight the Bite!
Help us reduce the number of mosquitoes – and the nuisance and health risks associated with them – by eliminating standing water (e.g. puddles, water on tarps) from your construction site. If that isn’t possible, using mosquito control products like Mosquito Dunks is the next best option. Learn more on how you can help to fight the bite!

Engagement Opportunities

Join the Conversation: Tackling Big Needs Within Arlington’s Limited Space

Attend a small, interactive roundtable discussion with the Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JFAC) members to discuss the unique opportunities that Arlington County has to acquire new land – and the tough questions JFAC is tackling over the next six months. Register online for one of 10 roundtables in March.

County Board Actions

Big Steps Taken Towards Implementing Vision for Western Rosslyn

The County Board at their February meeting took several actions in a coordinated effort to enact the vision outlined in the Western Rosslyn Area Plan (WRAP), which will deliver a new school, new fire station, transportation network improvements, parks and open space, affrordable housing, retail and new residential space by 2021. The approval of the complex redevelopment plans in such a short timeframe were made possible through the joint efforts of property owners – Arlington Public Schools, Arlington County, Penzance and Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing – in conjunction with significant input from community members and stakeholders.

  • Wilson School at 1601 Wilson Blvd. – approved a use permit for an approximately 180,000 square foot school designed for 775 students with modification to setbacks, height and parking regulations.

  • Penzance development at 1555 Wilson Blvd. – approved a site plan for two multi-family residential buildings with underground parking, ground floor retail and a fire station; approved a use permit with a site plan for a new Rosslyn Highlands Park; approved a General Land Use Plan (GLUP) amendment for the central area of the block; and a rezoning to achieve site plan goals.

  • Queen’s Court Apartments at 1801 N. Quinn St. – approved a site plan, GLUP amendment and rezoning for an affordable housing development by Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) with 249 committed affordable units.


Ballston Church Redevelopment Approved, Ball Family Burial Ground Preserved

The County Board approved a site plan and rezoning at 4201 N. Fairfax Drive for a mixed-use project that will include a new church, daycare facility, multi-family apartments that will include 48 committed affordable units and public art. Part of the Robert Ball Sr. Family Burial Ground will be preserved on site. The Board also voted to designate the burial ground a local historic district. In a related action, $3.1 million in Affordable Housing Investment Fund loan funds were approved to finance the affordable apartments. Read the complete news release.