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January 2017 Updates

New eNewsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the eNewsletter Columbia Pike: Planning. Projects. Main Street Progress. We'll share periodic updates on topics such as Form Based Code, Pike-related planning, public meetings, construction progress highlights, reports on development review procedures and updates on zoning amendments. Invite others to subscribe here.

Construction Updates

Have you seen recent construction progress along the Pike? These photos were snapped from the following active development sites:

Columbia Hills (1010 S. Frederick St.)

  • Utility work is being completed around the site in coordination with the excavation for the new building
  • A tower crane is expected to be erected in January 2017 to begin concrete operations
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Columbia Pike Construction Updates

4707 Columbia Pike (corner of S. Buchanan Street)

  • Site has been cleared and Sheeting and Shoring permits have been issued
  • The applicant anticipates marketing for the new condos to begin in the 2nd quarter of 2017
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Columbia Pike Construction Updates

Carver Homes (1300 S. Rolfe St.)

  • The mini-park and first three groups of towns are complete and occupied by new residents
  • Two of the previous Carver residents have qualified and purchased the first two affordable units
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Columbia Pike Construction Updates

Did You Know?

What is a form based code?

Form Based Code is an alternative zoning district for regulating development in a way that helps realize a community's vision for a specific area. In Columbia Pike, we're using two Form Based Codes to transform the Pike into a walkable community anchored by a lively "Main Street" that is lined with restaurants, businesses and attractive public spaces, while preserving housing options for residents with a mix of incomes. The revitalized Pike will accommodate more people and higher density development. Learn more

Where are approved FBC projects located?

View a map of the Columbia Pike corridor and locations of approved FBC projects. 

In Case You Missed It...

Board Approves Package of FBC Amendments

On Oct. 18, 2016, the County Board approved a package of amendments to the Commercial Centers and Neighborhoods Form Based Codes. This included minor policy revisions, technical and organizational changes, as well as updated references to the County's Traffic and Street Lighting Specifications, and revisions to allow minor adjustments for alley locations. In addition, this package of amendments achieves the following elements:

  • Consistency between both Form Based Codes
  • Comprehensive update to the Commercial Centers FBC Administrative Regulations
  • Establishes a term limit for by-right development
  • Incorporates criteria and processes for major/minor amendments and administrative changes
  • Updates to submission requirements and review processes for all FBC projects

Use Permit Approval for Child Care Center

On Nov. 5, 2016, the County Board approved a use permit request for a child care center in the ground floor space of the Shell project (located at the northwest corner of Greenbrier Street and Columbia Pike). The applicant, Full Circle Montessori School, currently operates in Ballston (1031 N. Vermont St.) and is anticipating relocating to the new location on Columbia Pike in the fall of 2017. The use permit request includes the capability to accommodate up to 150 children, which will be subject to approval by the Child Care Office and the County's Inspection Services at a later time. The County Board will review this proposal in one year, at its Nov. 2017 meeting. 

Transportation Updates

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