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August 22, 2016

Office of Health Equity Releases Tool to Visualize Disparities Data

HCV-ALD Dash Screenshot

The Office of Health Equity (OHE) has released a tool, as a proof of concept, to raise awareness and better visualize data on Veteran health equity issues. It is the goal of OHE to develop and promote data visualization tools in an effort to reduce health disparities and achieve equitable health for all Veterans. The first tool towards these goals is the Hepatitis C Virus-ALD Dashboard tool.

The Hepatitis C Virus-ALD Dashboard tool is an effort to promote equitable diagnosis and treatment of underserved Veterans with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and advanced liver disease (ALD). The tool utilizes a set of criteria - age, gender, geography, service era, race/ethnicity - to characterize Veteran groups with ALD due to HCV who may require targeted intervention to improve their health. Data displayed on the tool are based on summarized VHA patient lists provided to facilities on August 7, 2015 of patients then with ALD due to HCV, which are now publicly available. Visit http://www.va.gov/HEALTHEQUITY/Data.asp for more information on these data.

The following resources provide more information about HCV and ALD in Veterans:

For information on screening and getting care for HCV at the VA visit http://www.hepatitis.va.gov/.

Also, our federal partner at the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health has prepared these useful resources:

100 Million Healthier Lives Veterans Hub

100 Million Healthier Lives

In an effort to improve the lives of Veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has recently partnered with the Department of Defense, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and others to promote the 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative. The goal of this initiative is simple—to have 100 million individuals living healthier lives by 2020. The Initiative addresses the health of men and women and also social determinants that impact health such as housing, employment, and education. VA’s participation is being facilitated through the Veterans Hub, which is a partnership of private and public organizations dedicated to helping Veterans thrive. The Office of Health Equity is proud to support this endeavor and has identified tools that can be used to understand Veterans health equity issues and improve the lives of Veterans. Visit http://www.va.gov/HEALTHEQUITY/Tools.asp for a list of resources designed to ensure that vulnerable Veterans are among the 100 Million achieving healthier lives come 2020.

Archive of Past Veteran Health Equity Listserv Announcements Now Available

The Office of Health Equity is archiving previous listserv announcements. Visit http://www.va.gov/HEALTHEQUITY/Updates.asp for past updates.


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