Correction | Updated Resource to Help Families and Caregivers Understand Delirium for World Delirium Awareness Day

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Updated Resource to Help Families and Caregivers Understand Delirium for World Delirium Awareness Day

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About Delirium: Information for Families & Caregivers

To commemorate World Delirium Awareness Day, the SC MIRECC has updated the about delirium brochure. This brochure is intended to help families and caregivers of Veterans understand and manage delirium.

  • Defines delirium and how it differs from dementia.
  • Outlines risk factors for and symptoms of delirium.
  • Provides tips for family members and caregivers on what to do if they detect delirium in Veterans.
  • Describes how medical teams address delirium and what happens after discharge.
  • Published 2015 | Updated 2022

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