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New Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual and Workbook Available

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The MyBriefCBT program was developed to improve access and delivery of evidence-based psychotherapies (EBP) in clinical settings that demand rapid or time-limited interventions. Brief cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) was designed to address depressive symptoms and can be delivered in 3-6 sessions. Brief CBT uses measurement-based care and variable treatment intensity models to streamline the psychotherapy process while respecting the needs of patients.

This patient-centered approach to care can also be seen in the way in which the program leverages a flexible skills-based approach that allows providers and patients to select and inform their process of care. Currently, the MyBriefCBT program is being implemented within several Veterans Health Administration Integrated Service Networks (VISNs) across the United States.

The MyBriefCBT program includes:

  • A provider manual and patient workbook that is separated into six sections focused on different skills for mood and well-being.
  • Each skill area can be a focus of the work done during a session.
  • Every skill area does not have to be completed. Patients and clinicians can focus on areas that will be the most beneficial.
  • The final section of the workbook contains extra copies of the worksheets and monitoring forms that will be presented in each skill area.
  • Published 2021


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