SC MIRECC Celebrates Black History Month 2021

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February is Black History Month

The health and wellness of Black Veterans and their families matters! Black Veterans and their families face health care disparities at higher rates in areas such as sleep, stress, wellness, and dementia. Our free clinical education products teach healthy skills to address these and other mental health issues.


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Learn Strategies to Promote Healthy Sleep

Our self-paced resources include practical approaches for sleeping well.

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Reduce Stress

We highlight stress reduction skills that may help you manage unique stressors, such as microaggressions (i.e., every day, common slights or invalidations from others).

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Improve Your Well-Being

Our tools can help you get the most out of life through physical activity and strategies to encourage self-care.

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Discover Ways to Support Loved Ones with Dementia

Our self-study dementia education course and informational brochures can help you care for loved ones living with dementia.

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About Us

The mission of the South Central MIRECC is to promote equity in engagement, access, and quality of mental health care for Veterans facing barriers to care, especially rural Veterans. Learn more at

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