New Resource to Help Veterans Who Face Barriers to Employment

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New and Featured Clinical Education Products-  August 2020

New Resource to Help Veterans Who Face Barriers to Employment

Cover of the COMPASS vocational manual for Veterans


COMPASS: Vocational Materials for Veterans with Barriers to Employment

The job search process can be, and often is, a stressful experience for Veterans, especially if they have a history of felonies. Concern over rejection, fear of new experiences, feeling unqualified, and explaining their history are just some of the feelings that can occur. COMPASS is a job readiness course for Veterans seeking employment.

  • Includes a manual that covers topics such as skills, job applications, resumes, interviews, networking, and more.
  • Has 21 videos that demonstrate job readiness concepts that are discussed in the manual.
  • The manual will take you step by step through a process of identifying your interests, naming your weaknesses, and exploring options.
  • Particularly useful for Veterans with legal barriers to employment.
  • Published 2020


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