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Updated Self-Help STOP Worry Workbooks Now Available

Infographic for STOP Worry manuals highlighting the 8 components of the treatment program


Self-Help STOP Worry: A Tool for Older Veterans

The Self-Help STOP Worry program is a user-friendly, guided cognitive behavioral treatment of generalized anxiety disorder for Veterans 60 years of age or older who experience high levels of worry and anxiety. It includes workbooks for clinicians and Veterans. 

  • The workbooks contain eight chapters detailing skills, including anxiety education and awareness, relaxation (Diaphragmatic Breathing and Progressive Muscle Relaxation [PMR]), problem solving, cognitive therapy, exposure and behavioral sleep management.
  • Self-help workbook contains practice exercises and forms to monitor progress.
  • Self-help workbook may be used independently or as a part of formal treatment.
  • Published 2011 | Updated 2020


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