Check out our new Veteran Wellness Guide and updated Relaxation Manuals and Problem Gambling Guide

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New and Featured Clinical Education Products-  September 2019

New Veteran Wellness Guide and Updated Relaxation Manuals and Problem Gambling Guide Available

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Veteran Wellness Guide

This new guide is for Veterans who feel tired, stressed, or want to improve their well-being. It is self-paced and does not require a mental health professional to use. It includes practical approaches for sleeping well, eating healthy, stress reduction, and getting the most out of your life. It is recommended by Veterans.

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Stress Less: Relaxation Enhancement Group Manuals

This updated brief relaxation intervention is meant to provide short-term symptom relief for anxiety and stress. It is recommended as an adjunct to established first-line treatment approaches and includes manuals for therapists and Veterans. The therapist manual covers a comprehensive Relaxation Enhancement protocol that includes relaxation practices, resources, strategies, and a log. The Veteran manual can serve as a self-help resource to identify reasons to stress less.

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The Safest Bet: A Guide to Understanding Problem Gambling for Veterans and Clinicians

This updated guide aims to help Veterans, VA clinicians, and others learn more about issues related to gambling and to locate additional resources for problem gambling. It can be used in sessions with a clinician, in a group with other Veterans, or as a self-help resource. Veterans using this guide for self-help are encouraged to seek out a VHA provider or other helping professional to answer additional questions or address any concerns. It includes four modules that focus on readiness to change, thinking errors and tools, recovery, and Gamblers Anonymous.

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