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South Central MIRECC Communique Newsletter

SC MIRECC Communique Newsletter-  Summer 2019, Volume 21, Issue 3

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In This Issue

Introducing the 2019 TRIPS Awardees

We introduce the 2019 awardees for our Training Residents in Psychiatry Scholarship (TRIPS) program, Drs. Jessica Derania, Britney Lambert, Keerthiga Raveendran, Abigail Richison, and Alexandra Sibley.

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Research to Practice: Veteran-Centered Barriers to Use of VA Mental Health Services

VA Researchers at Boston, San Francisco, Central Arkansas and Puget Sound VA Medical Centers, along with others, published results of a participatory, mixed-methods project examining Veteran-centered barriers to using VHA mental healthcare services. This summary highlights the key findings of their study published in a 2018 BMC Health Services Research open access article.

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New Grants for Research on Suicide Prevention Funded in New Orleans

We highlight new grants awarded to researchers in New Orleans. Drs. Joseph Constans, Gala True, and Amanda Raines hope to change the conversation and culture around gun safety by collaborating with gun sellers and owners to deliver means restriction counseling and materials in community-based settings. Dr. Raines was also awarded a grant that will use network analysis to identify characteristics of Veterans who die by self-inflicted gunshot wound versus alternative methods.

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Affiliates Share Research Results Across the Country

Affiliates from Houston and Little Rock shared the results of their research to local and national audiences. We take a peek at what Drs. Derrecka Boykin, Sara Landes, Lindsey Martin, Sacha McBain, and Eva Woodward presented in the spring.

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Houston Affiliates Receive Local and National Honors

Drs. Ali Abbas Asghar-Ali, Natalie Hundt, and Tracey L. Smith received honors from their affiliated associations and organizations in the spring.

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Newest Clinical Education Products are Resources for Gulf War Illness, Weight, PTSD and Mild TBI, and Psychosis

Our Clinical Educator Grant program helps VISN 16 and 17 mental health providers create and share resources that positively impact treatment for rural and other Veterans who face barriers to care. We give these products to Veterans, VA providers, and the public for free. Download our newest items!

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Recent Publications

  1. Adams SV, Mader MJ, Bollinger MJ, Wong ES, Hudson TJ, & Littman AJ (2019). Utilization of interactive clinical video telemedicine by rural and urban Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration health care system. Journal of Rural Health. Advance online publication.
  2. Bryan JL, Kauth MR, & Asghar-Ali AA (2019). Transforming Veterans Health Administration mental health clinician education and practices: Twenty years of educational initiatives by a Center of Excellence. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 39(2), 119-123.

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Pilot Study Grant Award Application Opportunity for VISN 16 and 17 Researchers

Pilot studies are a foundation for supporting large-scale, federally funded research. Our Pilot Study Research Program is a great opportunity for investigators who are interested in pilot funding for studies that aim to improve Veterans’ access to high quality mental health and substance use treatment services. Researchers in VISN 16 and those located in San Antonio or Dallas, Texas (VISN 17) are invited to apply for a pilot study grant. The next deadline to submit a proposal is October 1, 2019.

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Research Methods and Analysis Consultation Services Available for VISN 16 and 17 Investigators

MIRECC Implementation, Design and Analysis Support (MIDAS) offers centralized design, methodologic and analytic support to VISN 16 investigators and investigators located in San Antonio or Dallas, Texas (VISN 17) who are seeking intramural or extramural funding or conducting pilot projects.

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The mission of the South Central MIRECC is to promote equity in engagement, access, and quality of mental health care for Veterans facing barriers to care, especially rural Veterans. The Communiqué is published quarterly by the SC MIRECC Education Core. Contact us at

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