Check out our new brochures on psychosis psychotherapy options and Gulf War Illness symptoms

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New Brochures on Psychosis Psychotherapy Options and Gulf War Illness Symptoms Available

Image collage from psychosis brochures including examples of  individual and group therapy and screenshots from the brochures


Psychotherapy Options for Veterans with Psychosis Brochures

These brochures explain psychosocial interventions that can be helpful in the treatment of Veterans with psychosis. It includes Veteran and clinician brochures that describe psychosis, four psychosocial treatments for psychosis, and what to expect during treatment.

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Image collage from the GWI brochure including pictures of service members and screenshots of the brochure


Gulf War Illness: Explaining Unexplained Symptoms Brochure

This brochure describes the causes, symptoms, and treatment of Gulf War Illness. It describes diagnostic categories for fatigue, pain, and mood/cognitive difficulties and treatment options for Gulf War Illness at VA. It also provides the link to join the Gulf War Illness Registry.

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