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South Central MIRECC Communique Newsletter

SC MIRECC Communique Newsletter-  Spring 2019, Volume 21, Issue 2

In This Issue

Mr. Fredie Smith

Thoughts on the VA Research Experience from a Veteran's Point of View

Mr. Fredie Smith, an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran and the Chair of the Center for Mental Health and Outcomes Research (CeMHOR) Veterans Research Council, shares his thoughts on participating in VA Research.

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Research to Practice: Increasing Participation of Iraq- and Afghanistan Veterans in Research

VA Researchers in Seattle and New Orleans wanted to understand what motivated Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom Veterans to participate in research. This summary highlights the key findings of their study that was published in a 2018 BMC Medical Research Methodology open access article.

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New Clinical Demonstration Project TheraMetrics Begins

Dr. Tracey L. Smith introduces her new project, TheraMetrics, to increase the use of measurement-based care among VA psychotherapists. It will also allow supervisors to track and improve the efficiency of psychotherapy delivery to increase Veterans' access to care.

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recent pilot funded researchers

Researchers Awarded Pilot Study Research Grants

Learn about four projects funded through our Pilot Study Research Program that are testing new and modified treatments for telehealth and evidence-based therapy for behavioral health and medication management.

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Recent Publications

  1. Cerimele J, Fortney J, Pyne J, & Curran G (2019). Bipolar disorder in primary care: A qualitative study of clinician and patient experiences with diagnosis and treatment. Family Practice, 36(1), 32-37. FREE DOWNLOAD
  2. Cheney AM, Koenig CJ, Miller CJ, Zamora K, Wright P, Stanley R, Fortney JC, Burgess JF, & Pyne JM (2018). Veteran-centered barriers to VA mental healthcare services use. BMC Health Services Research, 18, 591. FREE DOWNLOAD
  3. Connolly SL, Miller CJ, Koenig CJ, Zamora KA, Wright PB, Stanley RL, & Pyne JM (2018). Veterans’ attitudes towards smartphone app use for mental health care: Qualitative study of rurality and age differences. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 6(8), e70148.

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Pilot Study Research Program Applications Due July 1

VISN 16 researchers and researchers located in San Antonio or Dallas, Texas (VISN 17) who are interested in pilot research funding to develop clinical policy or programs that improve access, quality and outcomes of mental health and substance use treatment services for rural and/or underserved Veterans are invited to apply to the SC MIRECC Pilot Study Research Program.

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Implementation, Design and Analysis Support Available for Affiliates

MIRECC Implementation, Design and Analysis Support (MIDAS) offers centralized design, methodologic and analytic support to VISN 16 investigators and investigators located in San Antonio or Dallas, Texas (VISN 17) who are seeking intramural or extramural funding or conducting pilot projects.

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About Us

The mission of the South Central MIRECC is to promote equity in engagement, access, and quality of mental health care for Veterans facing barriers to care, especially rural Veterans. The Communiqué is published quarterly by the SC MIRECC Education Core. Contact us at VISN16SCMIRECCEducation@va.gov.

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