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New and Featured Clinical Education Products-  January 2019

HERO (Healthy Emotions and ImpRoving Health Behavior Outcomes)

HERO (Healthy Emotions and Improving Health Behavior Outcomes) Manuals

The HERO program is a participant-centered integrated behavioral health treatment to improve psychological symptoms, health behaviors, and weight management among obese Veterans with coexisting emotional distress.

The program includes a clinician manual and Veteran workbook and has six core and two elective sessions. It is personalized and accessible, and includes scripts for clinicians to assist with teaching skills in the workbook.


Sexual Health After Military Sexual Trauma

Sexual Health After Military Sexual Trauma Brochures

These brochures raise awareness of the prevalence of sexual dysfunction after military sexual trauma (MST) and provides information on assessment and treatment of the disorder.

This resource includes brochures for providers and women Veterans. The Veteran brochure describes sexual problems, the effects of MST on sexual health, resources, and how to get help at the VA. The provider brochure details DSM-5 and ICD-10 classifications for sexual dysfunction, provides tips on asking Veterans about sexual health, and lists resources for treatment, including the VA MST consultation program.


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