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Happy New Year! Here's to Another 5 YEARS!



Coaching Into Care (CIC) has helped thousands of callers over the past 5 years since becoming a national program in 2011.  Unique in the VA, CIC helps family members and friends of Veterans who don't know where else to turn for guidance, education, and support in getting a loved one connected to care.  This graphic illustrates the words our callers have used to describe our services.

We provide individualized services based on the needs of our callers and connect them to other departments or contacts within or outside the VA, as appropriate.  Coaching services help callers learn new ways to approach their loved one about making a decision to get help.

We have just launched our new interactive web site with more information and resources than ever, including communication tips.  Check it out at

IAVA: Let's Have a #VetTogether! 




Coaching Into Care is always interested in networking with Veteran organizations so we can support and work with them whenever possible to help Veterans and their families. 

During the month of December, one of our coaches in Los Angeles attended a Vet Together event for IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America).  These events are hosted in various parts of the country to help bring Veterans together to socialize, make connections, and have fun.

IAVA is an organization whose Rapid Response Referral Program (RRRP) offers personalized support from social workers,  an online network of peer support,  employment services,  and resources for educational benefits.  IAVA advocates for the interests of Veterans in Washington. 

Tips for Spouses of Returning Service Members 


Coaching Tips

As the wife or husband of a service member returning from deployment, you are probably both excited and nervous about the homecoming. A lot of time and significant events have passed during the deployment and there will be a time of natural adjustment. The days and weeks following the return home will include challenges but there are some things you can do to ease the reintegration for both of you.

Read more from our partner Real Warriors here.


CIC would like to thank and recognize colleagues who collaborated with us to promote or arrange care for our families and their Veterans:

  • Sarah Thorsberg, Veterans Outreach Specialist, Wisconsin Dept of Veterans Affairs
  • Charles Moss, Patient Advocate, Tennessee Valley Health Care System
  • Amanda Fackler, PACT Social Worker, Tennessee Valley Health Care System
  • Vanessa Campbell and Theodore Young, HUD-VASH Social Workers, Tennessee Valley Health Care System 
  • Thomas Kirchberg, Ph.D., Memphis VA Medical Center
  • David Shawlson, VJO, Cleveland VA Medical Center
  • Azzie Watts, Social worker, Michael E. Debakey VA Medical Center