Take charge of your health—Explore VA health care


Take charge of your health with VA health care.

"I don’t worry as much as I did before." – Mitchell, a U.S. Army Veteran, on the peace of mind he gets from VA health care

Ready to get—and stay—healthy in 2015? Explore VA to learn how VA can help.

VA provides top-quality health care to millions of Veterans, and it’s expanding access to better serve all Veterans.

Did you know:

  • VA offers much more than just physicals. Mental health care, eye exams and glasses, maternity care, weight management programs, telemedicine, prescriptions, and many other services are available for eligible Veterans through VA.
  • You can apply for VA health care and request an appointment online in minutes.
  • MyHealtheVet lets you communicate with providers and access your health information at any time through Secure Messaging and online medical records.
  • The Veterans Choice Program is offering more options for Veterans who are waiting for appointments or live far from a VA facility. Learn more about this program and the ways it can benefit you.

Join Mitchell and millions of other Veterans using VA health care. Apply today.

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