What's New in Federal Sentencing?

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April 14, 2020

What's New in Federal Sentencing?

Mobility report

Path of Federal Criminality

Mobility and Criminal History

Published on April 14, this study expands on prior U.S. Sentencing Commission research on criminal history by examining the geographic mobility of federal offenders. 

The report provides information on:

  • number of convictions in multiple states;
  • the proportion with convictions in states other than the state in which they were convicted for the instant offense; and,
  • the degree to which out-of-state convictions contributed to their criminal history scores.

Read the full report here.

Other Recently Released Resources:

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FY19 Sourcebook

Released on March 23, the 2019 Annual Report and Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics is a compilation of tables and figures presenting national, circuit, and district sentencing data for fiscal year 2019. The Commission collected and analyzed more than 350,000 court documents in the production of this year’s Sourcebook.

Updated Primers

The Commission has updated a number of Primers on the following topics:

Quick Reference Materials on Criminal History

Decision trees and one-pagers are available on various aspects of the criminal history guidelines:

Quick Facts

FY19 Quick Facts

The Commission continues to update its series of Quick Facts handouts with new data.  Some of the more recently updated Quick Facts include: