What's New in Federal Sentencing?

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November 20, 2019

What's New in Federal Sentencing?


Supreme Court Case Law

(Published Nov. 18) - Find summaries of select Supreme Court cases that involve the guidelines or other sentencing topics in this document authored by the Commission's Office of General Counsel. 

Access the PDF document.

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New Public Datafiles for Trend Analyses

(Published Nov. 20) - Beginning with data from fiscal year 2018, the Commission made methodological changes to the way it analyzes federal sentencing data.  New variables were introduced and others removed from the data released for that fiscal year. 

The supplemental datafiles released today provide additional variables not found on the individual offender datafiles before fiscal year 2018. These additional datafiles will enable users to conduct analyses with the Commission’s current methodology on data from fiscal year 2014 and later.

Find Commission datafiles here.

Research Notes 1-2-3

Research Note, Issue 3

Offense Type & Sentencing Guideline Analysis Issues Prior to Fiscal Year 2018

(Published Nov. 14) - This third edition of Research Notes explains the methodology the Commission used prior to fiscal year 2018 to create two key variables that classified offenders’ federal offenses and report information to the public.

View the full Research Notes series.