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Utah District Office - July 7, 2022

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President and the SBA targets small manufactures during Build American, Buy American month of action

By Aikta Marcoulier, SBA’s Region Eight Administrator

During July, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) will kick off its Build America, Buy American month of action to highlight the administration’s commitments to America’s small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups and highlight the benefits of the president’s bipartisan infrastructure law that will create opportunities for small manufacturers and contractors.


Regional Administrator


As Utah and the nation recovers from the pandemic, and supply chain issues, the federal government must begin to level the playing field for small manufacturing firms wanting to scale up, expand, and compete globally.  As I visit local communities throughout the Rocky Mountain region, I am seeing more jobs, more hope, and something else more important: the rebirth of pride that comes from buying American.

Utah has become a hub for small manufacturers. In Price, UT,  Merit3D, an innovative 3D printing process, was created to produce made in America industrial parts for several business sectors. The company's roots are in the old coal mining communities of Carbon County, Utah.  Merit3D's mission is to bring new technologies to the county which will provide jobs as the coal sector shuts down.

The SBA’s mission is to assure there is an equitable federal procurement strategy that prioritizes small, disadvantaged businesses which will increase competition and rebuild our economy from the bottom up and the middle out. The SBA is collaborating with an array of federal agencies to take “shopping small” to a whole new level by transforming how the U.S. government—the world’s largest buyer—spends more than $560 billion of America’s tax dollars on goods and services each year.

To assist businesses with planning, strategy, and contracting, the SBA has various partners including local Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACS) to assist small businesses. President Biden laid out his vision to open more doors to federal contracting with an ambitious goal: Increase the share going to small, disadvantaged businesses by 50 percent by 2025. Buying from small, disadvantaged businesses will leverage the federal government’s purchasing power to reestablish domestic supply chains and American made products – using market growth opportunities to strengthen our nation’s industrial base.

Included in these reforms is an effort to make certain that “category management,” a government-wide initiative to strategically source commonly purchased goods and services, does not shut out small businesses. We want to make it easier for more small businesses owned by people of color, women, and veterans, to do business with the federal government. The administration has directed over 40,000 federal contracting officers across government to spend tens of billions of dollars more with small, disadvantaged businesses. 

The  Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s $1.2 trillion created an enormous opportunity for small construction and service firms.  The SBA stands ready to support these businesses with bonding capacity, access to capital, and the ability to subcontract with large businesses to get their fair share of the contracting pie. We must ensure all taxpayer dollars are being used to fortify entrepreneurship, innovation, and domestic supply chains, and in the process strengthen our democracy by creating equitable pathways to the American dream.

Today, we are more committed than ever to ensuring the federal government shops small to help our nation build back better following the pandemic.  For more information on SBA’s programs and services please visit and remember to follow us on @SBArockymtn.



Success Story

Buy American, Build Rural America

Generational Business Providing Jobs by Building in America


Dustless Technology

Merit 3D

Price, Utah

From quiet beginnings in a small 1980s coal mining community in Carbon County, Utah, Mike Loveless followed his dream to build his own business. After working for years as a mechanic in coal power plants in Emery County, he built a vacuum to suck ash out of his wood-burning stove. The vacuum worked so well that his mom, followed by his neighbors, all wanted one. It didn’t take long until his garage was fully transformed into a manufacturing facility making these vacuums to sell at county fairs. Mike had to work to find $750,000 to buy the equipment to produce a wet-dry vacuum and get his business officially started.

Dustless Technology is now run by Mike’s son, Spencer Loveless. The company still sells vacuums to construction supply stores, but Spencer decided to look for ways to innovate and grow his parent's legacy. Each time he tried to think of ways he could expand the business, he ran into the same hurdle—having to spend thousands of dollars to create a type of mold for new equipment.  The molding process was difficult as most manufacturers were overseas and the development time was lengthy. Not only did it take months to get a mold created, but if it was not done incorrectly, or the design was improved and changes needed to be made, you had to start the process all over. This would cost the business thousands of dollars and several months of delay in development.  There was no easy change or quick alteration process for any mold. Spencer didn’t have the money or the risk appetite to invest $750,000 into the business as his father did, so he decided to bring the injection molding manufacturing process in-house. However, after researching it, and even offering to purchase an injection molding company, he decided that it would not be the best option for his company.

Spencer started to wonder if he could skip the entire injection molding process and 3D print his vacuum parts. After careful investigation of everyone in the 3D-printing industry, Spencer’s team decided the solution to his problem did not exist today. Machines were slow, costs were high, and volume could not be achieved - but the industry was changing. They were told that the technology was not advanced enough yet and would need approximately 15 years to evolve into something better. That did not sit well with Spencer as he wanted to push this forward now. The team began working with a few choice vendors that were willing to try to make it work. After nearly two years of working on a solution, the team had something they could work with and started producing their own vacuum parts.  Word got out about what Dustless was doing and companies started contacting them to see if they could manufacture parts for them. Spencer incorporated Merit3D in 2020. They started out making phone cases by the thousands. That quickly turned into promotional pens, binocular components, sprinkler parts, outdoor products, 3D arm casts, and medical boxes. 

As Spencer looked at the opportunity ahead of him, he asked his team how many jobs they wanted to create. They decided 200 was a good goal. However, after they created the goal, Spencer began looking at the coal industry in the area, knowing it was the biggest supplier of jobs in Carbon and Emery Counties and that many plants were scheduled to shut down due to current and potential environmental policy changes. Spencer reached out to the counties and the Department of Workforce Services and learned that once those plants shut down, there will be a deficit of 1700 jobs. Spencer decided that 1700 jobs had to be their new goal. 

“As we continue to grow in rural Utah, one thing we LOVE seeing are other manufacturers being able to use our 3D printing capabilities to grow their businesses," said Owner, Spencer Loveless. "We are helping them develop and launch products that would normally be done overseas and this is freaking amazing. It’s so exciting to see how technology on manufacturing is allowing reshoring to become a better option than using suppliers overseas. One exciting program in the works here in carbon county is “Coal to CAD” where we are teaching 3D design to people previously employed in the coal industry so they can join our manufacturing team.” 

Merit3D is on a trajectory to change the way manufacturing is done in the world. The relationships and business development are just getting started but their goals are clear. Because of new technologies, companies can design a product, and produce the product with very little risk. It is leveling the manufacturing playing field where only the big companies with deep pockets, could afford to buy injection molds. Today they are printing 10s of thousands and 100s of thousands of parts for other companies that have the same goals. Skip overseas inventory, skip injection molding, and buy American.


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