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Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

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Cash Flow vs. Profitability  - June 21  10am

Understanding the difference between cash flow and profitability can prevent the number one reason businesses fail - insolvency . Learn how to use each of them to manage your business more effectively in this one-hour seminar, featuring a real small business case study.

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Celebrate PRIDE With SBA & JWBC  - June 21  12:30pm

Join the SBA North & South Florida District Office and Jacksonville and Tampa WBC’s as we recognize and celebrate Pride Month, by delivering key information that will benefit future and existing small business owners at no cost!

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) network for LGBTQ+ Businesses aims to bring focus on economic empowerment in the LGBTQ+ business community by providing access to SBA’s programs and services and recognizes the importance of greater inclusion at all levels and in all communities.

Discussions will include local business owners from the LGBTQ+ business community and resources available to launch and take your business to the next level through the SBA, SCORE Jacksonville Chapter and & Tampa and Jacksonville Women’s Business Centers. There will also be resources that support LGBTQ+ communities available to connect with.

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What the Hack? : Cyber Threats and Your Business  - June 21  1pm

The theft of digital information has become the norm in today’s society. Participants will receive key insights on the cyber threat landscape and learn best practices on how to protect their businesses from cyber-attacks. Topics that will be covered:

  • Discussion of Cyber Threats
  • Cybersecurity Best Practices
  • Identifying & Protecting Critical Records
  • Accessing Cybersecurity Tools & Resources

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Plan Your Website for Online Success  -   June 21  6pm

First, you need to have a solid plan in place. Fortunately, this webinar will help with exactly that! 

After this webinar you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Your website’s audience
  • Feature and functionality needs
  • Content planning
  • How to choose the right platform
  • Best practices for online success

After this webinar, you'll have a comprehensive plan in place for your business's website. Attendees may also request the free workbook upon completion of the webinar.

Plan Your Website for Online Success | SCORE


Start Your Business: Test the Viability   -   June 21  6pm

hink you have a great business idea, but don't know how to start? In this FREE webinar we will help you understand what is involved to start a business and your personal stage of readiness. We will not only discuss the basics behind starting a business, but also give you the tools you need to decide whether or not you have a viable business. Topics covered are: Myths and realities of Entrepreneurship. Do you have what it takes to start and run a small business? - Assess your skills & Experience. What is the difference between a Strategic Plan and a Business Plan? - And why do you need them. Is Your Business Idea Viable? Hands on exercise to help you test the viability of your Business Start-up. This workshop is guaranteed to be the first, solid step towards achieving the success you desire.

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How to Access to Capital for your Business- June 21  6pm

Is your business in need of financing? Do you know if you’re financially ready to request a loan? Please join us for our seminar where we will go over what banks look for when qualifying potential loans and join us to learn what steps you should be taking in order to prepare yourself and your business for accessing capital.

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Money Smart for Small Business  June 22 -   11:30am

An instructor-led curriculum developed jointly by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)and the U.S. Small Business Administration(SBA). Designed for new or operating small business owners — with or without formal business training — to provide a practical introduction to aspects of starting and managing a business.

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How the Workforce Board can help you recruit, train, and retain your workforce

- June 22  12pm

This session will introduce your Workforce Board to you and explain how it can benefit your business and impact your bottom line, through funding that you do not have to repay.

How the Workforce Board can help you recruit, train, and retain your workforce | SCORE


Review Your Options, Maybe Start Your Own Business?  June 22 – 6pm

During times like these, people often contemplate getting better control of their lives by starting their own business. You can achieve financial independence by owning your own business. Spend some time with us to look under the covers at what running your own business entails.

Review Your Options, Maybe Start Your Own Business? | SCORE


ABCs of Business: Best Practices for Business Operations  - June 23  10am

The Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Miami-Dade Business Navigator Program, Miami-Dade County, and CareerSource South Florida will be hosting a series of small business technical assistance workshops entitled ABCs of Business. This workshop will focus on the best practices and tools to help you run your business more efficiently.

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Canva For Your Business - Stunning Drag and Drop Design  June 23 -   6:30pm

Canva is a free graphic design tool that will help you create virtually anything creative for your business. This free web-based application will help you create quickly: Instagram/Facebook posts LinkedIn Banners Pinterest infographics, pins, boards Printed materials like Flyers, Postcards, brochures Business cards and logos Lead Magnets Videos Intros and more! We will show you shortcuts and tips on how to keep your brand identity intact, and learn new ways to increase your advertising efforts with the help of Canva. If you like to create graphics and designs, but need a quick and easy way to push your brand, this course is for you.

Canva For Your Business - Stunning Drag and Drop Design | SCORE


Pasos Sencillos - Asuntos financieros; La decisión final - El ir o no ir - June 25  9:30am

El taller, ‘Pasos Sencillos’, organizado por Hispanic Unity y SCORE Broward, le ayudará a preparar un plan de negocios para convertir su sueño en realidad.

Comenzar su propio negocio es una decisión difícil. Usted no tiene que hacerlo solo.

Esta es una serie de talleres dividido en 5 partes que le guiará a través de los fundamentos de la creación de empresas. Si usted está dispuesto a trabajar seriamente con los instructores, comprenderá de mejor manera los retos y oportunidades con que se enfrentará. Usted obtendrá un plan y estimación financiera y un plan de marketing, ambos necesarios para este emprendimiento.

A medida que avanza a través de los talleres un tutor le será asignado, quien le ayudará con el proceso paso a paso. Pasos Sencillos - Asuntos financieros; La decisión final - El ir o no ir | SCORE


Time Management  -  June 27  6pm

Join Kurt Valmond for this informative webinar and learn the concept of time management and why it is important to small businesses. Discover some commonly employed time management practices, including: Pareto analysis ABC method Eisenhower method POSEC method Understand how to systematically prioritize tasks and competing demands to complete the most important tasks within a certain amount of time. The goal is to reduce distractions, so that more tasks and demands are completed.

Time Management | SCORE


Subcontracting & Teaming  -  June 28  10am

For many small businesses, entry into government contracting will or should begin as a subcontractor. This webinar will provide the small business owner with an understanding of the overall subcontracting process, including the format for a Subcontract and Teaming agreement, how to protect your company during the relationship and the overall benefits of subcontracting. This seminar will also provide the suggested rules of engagement and the contractual relationship between prime contractor, subcontractor and the government, for small businesses in the Tampa Bay region.

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Business Financial Projections: Projecting Into The Future  -  June 28  11am

There is not much more confusing to a start up business than having to do financial projections, and so much is riding on this. There is a way to do this, and a right way. The most difficult part is getting started when you are launching your business, but even through the course of time, this is hard. Business conditions change, products are launched, and economics adapt. Know how to project where your business should be. 



Stand Out Online With Google's Tools for Small Business  - June 28   6pm

This workshop will introduce you to Google's many tools to help you operate your business.

Having an online presence is important to the success of many businesses. Visibility on search sites can lead customers to your business. Google is one of the "go to" places for online searches. Google can also provide significant cloud based infrastructure for small businesses that empowers owners at little or no cost. This workshop will introduce you to Google's many tools to help you operate your business.

  • Get your business on Google for free
  • Learn how to be found when people search on Google
  • Position your business on Google Maps
  • Build your first website for free
  • Use Google tools to start a website
  • View templates that are easy to us

Stand Out Online With Google's Tools for Small Business | SCORE


Process Improvement & Working Smarter  -  June 29  11am

How do you improve the work processes in your office or small business? This class focuses on applying “Lean” process improvement to add efficiencies to your business and improve your bottom line potential. Learn ideas about making your work processes flow better, faster, cheaper? We can show you how to apply “Lean” thinking to any business process, regardless of your industry. In many cases, this can result in improved customer service, saved labor, better inventory control, and reduction of expenses. This is an introductory class that focuses on problem solving, and identifying “value added” activities. We will discuss examples of improved processes from many different industries.

Webinar - Process Improvement & Working Smarter Tickets, Wed, Jun 29, 2022 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite


Unleashing Your Sales Superpowers  - June 29  12pm

Meshell takes you on a journey that explores the modern-day selling style. She will demonstrate why integrating the social and emotional needs of today's buyers into your sales process increases outcomes. Are you ready to move past “trying to figure it out?” Meshell reveals a proven formula to sell directly to your client's specific emotional needs building lasting relationships and creating loyal fan clients. 

Focus always begins with a plan. Let’s get you a clear and compelling vision that becomes both your master plan AND your superpower. Are you ready to have a clear vision and a focused commitment that leads to unparalleled sales success!

Unleashing Your Sales Superpowers | SCORE


Business Contracts--Must Knows  - June 29   6pm

This webinar is designed to help business owners who want to learn more about creating business contracts for their business. The webinar will provide tools to help business owners avoid common mistakes when using contracts. Webinar topics will include: What makes an agreement a contract? The basic contracts every business should have The ONE provision that should be in every business contract Understanding common "boilerplate" language How to properly use online contract templates Best practices for enforcing contracts.

Business Contracts - Must Knows | SCORE


Motivación del logro  –  June 29   6pm

Si las personas reconocen la Motivación del Logro en su vida diaria, ellos pueden practicarla conscientemente, aprender a aplicarla más eficazmente en situaciones empresariales. El concepto básico de la Motivación al Logro ha sido exitosamente aplicado en más de cuarenta (40) países que representan diversas circunstancias culturales y económicas.

Informes de experiencias indican el mérito de este seminario en mejorar el porcentaje de éxito de los Socios de Aprendizaje graduados, señalado igualmente por nuevas Fundaciones de Empresas y expansión de negocios existentes.

Su objetivo es que los Socios de Aprendizaje comprendan la importancia de entender las Características del Comportamiento Emprendedor a saber: Búsqueda de Oportunidades, Correr Riesgos, Exigir Eficiencia y Calidad, Ser Persistente, Ser Fiel a los Compromisos Contraídos, Fijar Metas, Conseguir Información, Planificar y hacer Seguimiento Sistemáticamente, Ser persuasivo y crear redes de Apoyo y Tener Autoconfianza.

Motivación del logro | SCORE


How to Become a Federal Government Contractor Through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)  -  June 30  6pm

Over 12 million commercial items are available under various Schedules. While the GSA Schedules Program is only one of GSA’s procurement vehicles, it is one of the largest programs and the most preferred for commercial products and services. This workshop provides a basic knowledge and understanding of the process required for new vendors to qualify and get on the GSA Schedules Program. You will learn the benefits of being a GSA Schedules holder, how to find federal contracting opportunities, learn about the application process and the required documents to submit your application.

How to Become a Federal Government Contractor Through the U.S. General Services | SCORE


A&O Mesa redonda de pequeñas empresas: Problemas habituales de gestión contable y financiera y cómo solucionarlos  - June 30  7pm

La Iglesia Alpha & Omega (A&O) y Florida SBDC en FIU se complacen en anunciar el cuarto año consecutivo de su cooperación en los talleres mensuales para mesa redondas. Estos talleres se enfocan en brindar recursos e información a los empresarios hispanos que buscan iniciar o hacer crecer su negocio. Las mesas redondas incluirán expertos y exitosos empresarios que brindarán información importante para ayudarle en su negocio. ¿Por qué algunas empresas luchan por hacer nómina mientras que otras pueden obtener varios préstamos? Todo comienza contigo, el propietario de la empresa. Conozca los errores mas comunes y las acciones que puede tomar hoy para crear un plan financiero sólido para su negocio.

A&O Mesa redondas de pequeñas empresas 2022 (