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New Hampshire District Office - June 13, 2022 

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Learn about US - UK Trade Opportunities and be Part of the Dialogue

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June 22

8am- 2pm

In-Person Event - Boston, MA


5th United States-United Kingdom Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Dialogue

The Dialogue is an ongoing exchange bringing small and medium businesses and stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic together with government officials to identify ways to deepen U.S.-UK trade and investment ties and strengthen cooperation on issues of mutual interest to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

This is an in-person event in BOSTON, MA and registration is open to SME stakeholder communities in the U.S. and UK.   We hope you will attend and welcome your assistance in sharing the enclosed invitation also with your small business clients, members, and partners in the New England area to help them gain insights into growing international sales and investment relationships with the UK market.

Topics for discussion include an update on U.S.-UK trade; opportunities for U.S.-UK SME trade and cooperation in emerging technologies; global expansion best practices for U.S. and UK companies; access to capital for SME global expansion; and trade resources for small businesses.

Attendees will be able to engage in discussion with experts as well as learn about tools and resources to grow their businesses internationally.

Cost: No charge

Register Here

Military Reservists Economic Injury Loans (MREIDL)


SBA's Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (MREIDL) program can help you keep your #SmallBusiness running in the event you or an essential employee is called up to active duty.

MREIDL provides funds to help an eligible small business meet its ordinary and necessary operating expenses that it could have met, but is unable to, because an essential employee was called-up to active duty in his or her role as a military reservist.

Loan Amounts and Use
The maximum MREIDL loan amount is $2 million. The amount of each loan is limited to the actual economic injury as calculated by SBA. The amount is also limited by business interruption insurance and whether the business and/or its owners have sufficient funds to operate. If a business is a major source of employment, SBA has authority to waive the $2 million statutory limit.

See Eligibility and Terms

Resources to Help you Develop your Disaster Plan

Disaster preparedness plan

Prepare for Emergencies

Disasters can take many forms and the financial cost of rebuilding after a disaster can be overwhelming. If you’re prepared for emergencies, you’ll be in a better position to recover and continue operations should disaster strike.

Checklists and Tips  for Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados, Wildfires, Floods, cyber Security and Winter Weather 

What others are doing to Help #SmallBiz

June 23rd 1-3:30pm

June 24th 9am-12pm


FEMA Region 1 Preparedness Division

Join this two-day Zoom webinar on the topic of disaster preparedness for older adults. Expert guest speakers and interactive sessions will help prepare the audience for disasters that are prevalent in the New England area.

This presentation is for older adults 55+, their families and caregivers, and agencies that serve and care for older adults, as well as individuals who work in emergency management both local, state, and federal. 

Speakers will share how to respond before, during and after unexpected disasters.

Day 1 Registration

Day 2 Registration

Grafton County  

WREN (Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network)

Are you looking for quick funding to get your business up and running? Avoid putting big purchases on your credit card or taking out high-interest loans and take advantage of quick, low-interest microloans. Since WREN doesn't lend, they collaborate with Grafton Regional Development Corporation (GRDC) to help small business owners with their financial needs.

Small businesses interested in loan information should call 603-536-2011 or email 

More details about all of their loan programs 

Coos County

Live in Coos County? There are similar programs available to you! Email for more information.

WREN was founded 28 years ago, powered by rural women committed to the mission of supporting better lives and livelihoods, enhancing the vitality of Bethlehem’s Main Street and practicing and promoting innovation in rural economic development. Through the years, WREN’s work has impacted thousands of people across NH’s North Country by providing technical assistance training and market access for local entrepreneurs and artists. 

September 21st and 22nd

Monadnock Region

Radically Rural builds powerful networks of passionate, engaged, innovative people willing to share ideas and resources and take action to strengthen their rural communities across the country.

Mark you calendar to attend Radically Rural, a summit that connects, educates, and inspires people who care about building a bright future in rural America. 

 2022 Radically Rural summit schedule 


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