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Arizona District Office

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February 2 Virtual Workshop: Selling to the Federal Government

How to Do Business with the Federal Government

Small business contractors continue to play an important role in helping federal agencies respond during the COVID-19 pandemic. Opportunities remain available for small businesses to bid on contracts and contribute to the mission of agencies.

Join us for an overview of how to sell to the federal government, to include SBA programs and certifications to assist your small business.  

This month we feature Mara Wells, Lead Business Opportunity Specialist for the SBA Arizona District Office, presenting on the SBA Mentor-Protégé Program (MPA) and Joint Ventures (JVs).  The MPA and JV programs are formal business partnerships allowing small business contractors to strengthen their competitive edge in the federal marketplace.  We also welcome a certified 8(a) business participant in the Arizona District Office portfolio to present on best practices and tips from her company's experience in using these programs.  Please join us to learn more about the requirements and benefits of the MPA and JV programs to support your business growth.