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Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

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Financial Management  -  January 19  10am

This is a class to teach you about managing your businesses finances. After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Explain how the personal finances of a business owner impact the ability of a business to get credit.
  • Identify financial management practices, rules, and tools that are commonly available to a small business
  • Explain financial management basics for a small business
  • Explain the basics of financing working capital


Sourcing Capital for Your Business  -  January 19  6pm

Innovative strategies for getting the money you need for your business The goal of this workshop is to prepare you to get the funding that you need to start your business or to grow and expand it. This is an interactive seminar where participants will share their objectives with the presenter. In this workshop, we will walk you through the basics of: Bank Lending Venture and Angel capital Alternative Financing Strategies Private Investors The participant will leave the workshop with an understanding of what banks and investors are looking for when providing capital to small businesses. They are lending and investing! This is a unique opportunity to get insight that is typically not available. Resources of Banks (that are actually lending) and investors will be shared with the participants.

Sourcing Capital for Your Business | SCORE


Get Started with QuickBooks  -  January 19  6pm

This basic QuickBooks Online class will show you why tracking your finances is important to being successful in your business. It will also teach you about the different types of QuickBooks subscriptions and help you determine the best one for you. Finally, we will review the set up options to help you get started right.

Get Started with QuickBooks (QB01) | SCORE


The Business Plan: What is it and why do I need one?  -  January 20  5:30pm

This workshop will discuss the major reasons for assembling a plan, whether or not you need to obtain financing for your business. We will cover what should be in your plan and how to assemble the information you need using library and other resources.

  • What is a business plan and the reasons for developing one.
  • If I don't need to raise capital to start my business, do I still need a business plan?
  • If I do need to raise capital, what will lenders want in my business plan?
  • Where can I find a business plan template I can use to get started?
  • What are the main sections of a business plan?
  • Where can I get the information I will need in a business plan?

The Business Plan - What is it and Why Do I Need One? | SCORE


Como Potenciar un Pequeno Negocio con Herramientas Digitales  -  January 20  6pm

Como potenciar un pequeño negocio con herramientas digitales free (google my business, crm, whatsapp business, formularios de captura, codigos qr) este es un taller práctico en el que aprenderemos como implementar y usar herramientas GRATIS que se encuentran en internet y que pueden apoyar nuestro negocio de una manera rápida y fácil de implementar. Algunas de estas tecnologías las usan actualmente grandes compañías, con altos costos de licenciamiento, sin embargo, actualmente existen opciones Freemium que pueden cumplir perfectamente con funciones básicas y que no generan un costo para los usuarios en las versiones básicas y los ponen al nivel de las grandes compañías.


Impuestos de Negocio– Lo que necesita saber antes de enviarlo  -  January 22  9:30am

Este Taller informativo esta dirigido a todas los socios o dueños de empresas o negocios, que tengan interés en conocer el tratamiento de sus Activos, Pasivos, Ingresos, Costos y Gastos efectuados durante el año, en su Declaración de Impuestos . Es importante que todo empresario o negociante, necesite conocer el sistema fiscal y tributario, porque afecta económicamente su negocio, sea por ahorro en el pago de impuestos, así como también para evitar pagar multas, intereses, etc., hasta posibles auditorías del IRS. Los empresarios (socios o dueños de empresas o negocios), necesitan conocer las consecuencias en sus Impuestos Anuales, de las operaciones, ingresos y desembolsos de dinero que realizan, y tomar medidas adecuadas para el ahorro del pago de impuestos.

Impuestos de Negocio– Lo que necesita saber antes de enviarlo | SCORE


Simple Steps for Starting a Business: Marketing Your Business  -  January 24  6pm

This is a 4 module workshop series that will take you through the basics of starting up a business. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves & work with the instructors you'll come away with a good understanding of the specific challenges & opportunities you will face. You will have a financial plan, a marketing plan, and an estimation of the funding you will need to get started.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Branding your business - Steps to creating your brand
  • Developing your marketing plan - Crafting a plan to communicate your marketing message
  • Marketing your business with social media - What you need to know to use social media effectively
  • Pricing your product or service - Learning to properly price your product for business success

Simple Steps for Starting a Business: Marketing Your Business | SCORE


Federal Government Contracting 101  -  January 25  10am

Ready…set…sell to the federal government! This workshop provides information on registering with the federal government, how to locate federal opportunities, who to market to within the federal government, and so much more!

Speaker: Karen Krymski, MPH, CVE

This webinar is offered via the Florida PTAC at USF. This Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency.

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Leveraging LinkedIn to Enhance Your Business Profile  -  January 26  6pm

This interactive webinar is designed to help business owners find new customers using LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. The session focuses on practical tactics that B2B companies -- businesses that sell to other businesses -- as well as marketing and sales professionals can use to immediately increase their visibility and thought leadership on LinkedIn. We will cover the top elements your LinkedIn profiles and company pages must include to ensure they are making the most of this powerful selling tool.

The topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Tips on profile enhancements you will want to make, and how to do it without spamming your network
  • Get your social selling score and compare with others in your industry and network
  • How to leverage the mobile app only features - video cover stories, name pronunciation, QR code connections
  • Learn tips on growing your network
  • Find out how to get more mileage from your posts (from hundreds to thousands of views

Leveraging LinkedIn to Enhance Your Business Profile | SCORE


How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Business  -  January 27  10am

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Understand the steps needed to create a YouTube Channel and compelling video content that promotes your products and services and drives engagement with your brand. In this session, we will explore:

  • Understanding different video formats
  • How to setup a YouTube channel
  • How to make creative videos that help you achieve your business goals

How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Business Tickets, Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite


Nonprofit Marketing & Storytelling -- The latest techniques!  -  January 27  6pm

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In this webinar dedicated to philanthropy and nonprofit marketing, we’ll explore how branding, storytelling, and communications helps shape your brand mission and brand perception, and how it can help fuel your fundraising efforts. You’ll learn: What elements to consider when developing storytelling at three levels: Organizational, Identity, and Experiential. How to communicate through values vs. figures. How to define your Brand Narrative, Mission/Vision, and Elevator Pitch. The stories your nonprofit needs to be telling. Storytelling techniques and strategies that will improve your fundraising efforts.

Nonprofit Marketing & Storytelling -- The latest techniques! | SCORE


Implicaciones legales y de impuestos al establecer un negocio  -  January 29  9:30am

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Emprendedores muchas veces no tienen el tiempo necesario para conocer las implicaciones Legales y de Impuestos de sus negocios. Únase a nosotros en este taller interactivo que le proporcionará la información necesaria para formalizar su impresa. Los propietarios de negocios, cuando establecen nuevas empresas (corporaciones), muchas veces no tienen el tiempo necesario para conocer las implicaciones Legales y de Impuestos de sus negocios. Es importante conocer el sistema fiscal y tributario, porque este afecta economicamente el negocio, sea por ahorro en el pago de impuestos, como también por evitar pagar multas, intereses, etc., hasta posibles auditorías del IRS o del Estado de la Florida. Únase a nosotros en este taller interactivo que le proporcionará la información necesaria para iniciar o formalizar su nueva empresa.

Implicaciones legales y de impuestos al establecer un negocio | SCORE


Virtual Supplier Diversity Exchange  -  February 10  8:30am

Miami Dade College (MDC), Minority and Small Business Enterprise (MSBE) Office has teamed with the State of Florida, Office of Management, Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD)  to do a Virtual Supplier Diversity Exchange. The MSBE Office and OSD have worked together in the past to showcase each agency's Diversity efforts throughout Miami Dade County and have collaborated to have this Virtual Zoom Event. The focus of this event will be all Miami Dade County agencies that have served the minority community with their supplier diversity and economic development programs. The event will also have a "Ask the experts" roundtable featuring the Eric Knowles, President and CEO, Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce as the Moderator.