WV District Office Weekly Recap -- October 29, 2021

WV District Office - October 29, 2021

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Weekly Update - WV District Office

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Here are the most asked questions we received this week:

  • Can I make payments on my loan while it is in a deferred status? 


  • Why am I not getting statements on my COVID-19 EIDL?
    You won’t receive statements until the month before your first payment is due.  
  • I need another business loan, but my collateral is tied up with COVID-19 EIDL.  What do I do?  
    You can request a “subordination” of a lien on collateral that was pledged to secure an SBA COVID-19 EIDL. Click here to review the process.

New EIDL Customer Support Number

There is now a new customer service center phone number for EIDL.

*Note the old number still works and calls will be answered or transferred.

Please use the number below moving forward:


SBA's WV District Office to celebrate National Veterans Small Business Week!

National Veterans Small Business Week 2021

Join SBA's West Virginia District Office as we celebrate National Veterans Small Business Week with three virtual training opportunities in November. 


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