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Wisconsin District Office--August 23,  2021

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7(a) Loan Guarantee Program Update - FTA Migration

Fiscal Transfer Agent (FTA) data, systems, and distributed applications  migrate to SBA’s Capital Access Financial System (CAFS).


SBA is working with the incoming FTA Guidehouse to migrate all 7(a) Loan Guarantee Program systems into SBA’s environment to improve security and integration. Once complete, the industry will be able to access FTA applications through SBA’s Capital Access Financial System (CAFS).

As a result of this migration, Colson’s 1502-related applications (1502 Dashboard and Connection) will be retired and replaced by the new 1502 Gateway within CAFS. The 1502 Gateway will contain the CARES Act module which will allow users to submit and report CARES Act-related loan and payment information.

CARES Act Module Training



WHEN:  August 24, 3-4 pm CT

Join the live event

To help familiarize users with the CARES Act module, the FTA will host a virtual training session on Tuesday, August 24th from 3-4 pm CT. To join the webinar, please use this link. Note – there is no dial in for the event. It will be held via MS Teams Webcast only. To listen in, you will need speakers on your laptop or computer.

If you are not available to join the virtual training session live, the FTA has informational and training resources for the 1502 Gateway that are available anytime on the FTA Wiki in Downloads and Resources section:

More training materials related specifically to the CARES Act Module will be made available soon. If you have any specific questions, please contact the new FTA Customer Service Team at FTA@SBA.gov.

FTA Payment Instruction Changes

On August 30th, 2021, payments made to and from the Fiscal Transfer Agent (FTA) for the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 7a loan guarantee program will transition from Colson Services Corp. to Guidehouse.

Guidehouse has elected Wells Fargo Bank N.A. (Wells Fargo) as a banking partner to administer and provide banking logistics for the FTA on behalf of SBA. As a result, FTA bank account information will change, and thus, payment remittance instructions must change accordingly.

This notice covers changes in transaction information for payments to and from the FTA and all related changes to investor statements and payee correspondence.

Payment to the FTA:

1) Wire or ACH

Name and address information for wire and ACH payment only is as follows:

Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

Bank Address: 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

Beneficiary Name: Guidehouse

Beneficiary Address: 685 Third Avenue, 14th Floor Suite 1400, New York, NY 10017

Addresses for check remittance are provided in section 2.

The account name, number, routing/ABA number and required memo text is provided below. The payment type column specifies which types of payments ought to be directed to which accounts.

Payment Type

Account Name

Account Number

Routing Number


1502 Principal and Interest, Late Penalty Fees, SBA Guarantee Fee, Prepayment Penalty for the SBA Guarantee Fee, CARES Act Funds

7a Collections



Bank name & payment information

Payoffs, Prepayments, Repurchases, Prepayment Penalty for Secondary Market Loans, Transfer Fees

7a Payoffs



GP #, Bank Name, and Principle and Interest Breakdown

Settlement Proceeds

7a Settlements



Not required

2) Check

  • Pay to the order of SBA 7a FTA
  • In the memo field, include the SBA Loan Number(s) to which the check payment corresponds
  • Send checks to the corresponding lockbox(s):

SBA Checks: SBA 7a FTA Collections

Lockbox #: 856509

Payment Address:

SBA 7a FTA Collections

P.O. Box 856509

Minneapolis, MN 55485-6509

Overnight Address:

Lockbox Services 856509

SBA 7a FTA Collections   

1801 Parkview Drive 1st Floor

Shoreview, MN 55126

NOTE: Checks arriving by standard mail must be addressed to the P.O. Box provided. Overnight mail must be addressed to the street address provided. Overnight mail sent to the P.O. Box will be rejected.

Payment from the FTA:

1) Wire

Wire payments from the FTA will originate from the following accounts:

Account Name

Account Number

Routing Number

Payment Type

7a Payoffs



P&I, Payoffs, Reconciliations

7a Settlements



Proceeds of Sale and Related Fees


2) Check

Check payments emanating from the FTA will arrive in Wells Fargo branded envelopes and will feature Wells Fargo formatting and security standards. 

3) Statements

Investor statements and all other FTA payment correspondence including but not limited to Cover Letters, Notices and Transcripts, will no longer reference Colson Services Corp. and may contain modest improvements to formatting and design.

NOTE: Investor statements and all other FTA payment correspondence delivered through postal mail will arrive in a different envelope and potentially on a different date than the physical check the document speaks to.


Investor statements and all other FTA correspondence which is remitted electronically will be transmitted from one of the (11) following SBA.gov email addresses:


SBA Email Address

No Reply

Electronic Statements



Cash Processing/1502 Reporting



Customer Service



Late Penalties



Settlement Express *



Prepayments or Lender Repurchases



Industry Outreach



Loan Reporting Discrepancies



Tax Certification



SBA Repurchase



PSU Online Inquiries



*Please note: SettleExpress@SBA.gov was previously provided as the SBA Email Address for Settlement Express. The address still remains available to receive incoming mail, but moving forward the FTA will be using SettlementExpress@SBA.gov.

No FTA form or document will be sent in connection with, or in response to, a payment made or received by the FTA from any email address not listed herein.

Please direct questions regarding these or other FTA-transition related matters to FTA@SBA.gov.

FTA Payoffs and Prepayments Key Cutover Dates

Due to the migration of the systems, Colson will not accept any inputs for payoffs and prepayments after the specified dates below:

  • Tuesday, August 24th - last day Colson will accept Payoff and Prepayment Funds
  • Wednesday, August 25th - last day Colson will accept 10 Day Notices and Prepayment Certifications

Effective Monday, August 30th - Please submit all payoffs and prepayments to the new FTA, Guidehouse, using the instructions below:

  • 10 Day Notices and Prepayment Certifications must be submitted to 10DayNotice@sba.gov
  • Payoff-related SBA Form 1502 must be submitted via the 1502 Gateway
  • Payoff and Prepayment Funds wires must be submitted to the following account:

Payment Type

Routing Number

Account Number

Account Name


Payoffs, Prepayments, Repurchases, Prepayment Penalty for Secondary Market Loans



Wells Fargo Bank, NA

7a Payoffs

GP #, Bank Name, and Principal and Interest Breakdown


You can find additional resources and guides on the Downloads and Resources page. If you have any specific questions, please contact the new FTA Customer Service Team at FTA@SBA.gov.

paycheck protection program, PPP

Paycheck Protection Program

PPP Data and Program Reports


On August 15, the SBA posted PPP Forgiveness Topline data in the data section of www.sba.gov/ppp. Also published is the Forgiveness Platform Lender Submission Metric Report, which is as of August 16, 2021.  It notes:

  • Total PPP Loan Count (First and Second Draws): 11,492,021
  • Total PPP Loan Value: $792,654,072,484
    • NOTE: this differs from the previous 11.7 million guaranteed and over $800+ billion guaranteed due to withdraws and declines
  • Lender Submitted Total Forgiveness Applications: 5,604,139 (48% of all PPP loans have submitted forgiveness applications as of August 16, 2021)
  • Total Lender Submitted Forgiveness Amount Requested: $498,509,366,707 (forgiveness has been requested on 63% of total PPP loan volume/value)
  • Payments made
    • Count: 5,271,663 (46% of all PPP loans have been forgiven partially or in full)
    • Total Forgiveness Payments Made: $471,137,621,001 (59% of the total PPP loan volume/value has been forgiven in full or in part)

PPP Forgiveness Topline data

PPP Forgiveness Lender Submission Metrics

PPP Program Contacts


Direct your PPP questions as follows:

For the latest on the Paycheck Protection Program visit



Registration now open for the 2021 Great Lakes Lenders Conference

Great Lakes Lenders Conference Oct 12 to 14 graphic


October 12 - 14, 2021

Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

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The Great Lakes Lenders Conference is the premier small business lending event in the Midwest providing timely and relevant guidance to lenders directly from SBA leadership on small business lending programs.The conference is attended by those in all levels and roles of small business lending, and will include session topics addressing updates and guidelines for processing and managing loans in the post-COVID world. For more details, download the Conference Information Package.

The conference is planned to be held in-person, with virtual attendance as an option for those restricted from doing so. Marriott’s Commitment to Clean policy will support our efforts to provide a safe and healthy conference environment for all our attendees. Review our modified cancellation/refund policy here.

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SBA Wisconsin Lender Relations Specialist Contacts

Eastern Wisconsin: Ellie Berg-- elvira.berg@sba.gov

Western Wisconsin: Chris Dedrick-- christena.dedrick@sba.gov

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