PPP Direct Forgiveness and COVID Score Training

Wichita District Office  - July 26, 2021

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Additional Training on new Direct Forgiveness Platform and COVID Score

SBA has observed tremendous interest in the Direct Forgiveness offering.  As the agency prepares to publish the final rules and related guidance, we offer a few proactive reminders:

  • Lenders can request additional information from Patrick.kelley@sba.gov to address comments/questions/concerns.
  • Electing to participate in this program still allows borrowers to engage directly with you and your current forgiveness or technology flow.  This offering can be operated as a complimentary channel to address those borrowers who may prefer to engage with the SBA public option. For example, lenders can identify segments of their borrowers under $150,000 that they wish to assist and identify another segment that they wish the SBA to assist under $150,000.
  • The customer service team operated by the SBA will only be available to Lenders who opt into the platform.  We anticipate this team to be a valuable resource for the most commonly asked questions related to the 3508s.
  • SBA will be supporting a national media push to educate the industry on this public option.  We anticipate the Press Release, educational webinars and borrower engagement to begin following the formal release of the IFR.
  • We are holding 3 training and educational sessions for next week – please register using one of the below links:

Information about the process for borrowers is forthcoming