Increase Your EIDL Loan; Community Navigator Info Session TODAY 12 pm

Wisconsin District Office--June 4, 2021

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Community Navigator

TODAY: Community Navigator Info Session

The SBA is accepting applications for the new Community Navigator Pilot Program, which is open to nonprofit organizations, state, local, and tribal governments, SBA resource partners, and other community organizations to assist small businesses during recovery.

TODAY at 12pm CT, SBA will conduct a technical webinar to provide potential applicants important information about the Community Navigator Pilot Program. 

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Competitive grant awards will range from $1 million to $5 million for a two-year performance period.  Applicants have until July 12 to submit their applications at  

Increasing Your Existing EIDL Loan

Need more funding?  Have a COVID-19 EIDL?  Did you know it can be modified by increasing the amount up to 24 months of economic injury or a maximum of $500,000, whichever is less?  

Check out Page 7, Question #19, on the Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan page for information on how to request more funds.


How to Host an On-site Vaccination Clinic

On-site vaccination clinics are a critical tool to make vaccinations as accessible as possible to your local community.

Your small business, bank or agency could support this effort. 

The On-Site Vaccination Clinic Toolkit includes a roadmap for working directly with vaccine providers to launch vaccination clinics in places people know and trust, sample roles and responsibilities to guide discussion and planning with your vaccine provider, and points-of-contact for vaccine providers offering on-site vaccination services. 

Additionally, if your organization operates across multiple geographies and is interested in launching a national partnership with vaccine providers, please reach out to for additional information and assistance.

Upcoming Webinars with SBA and Partners

SBA Trainings


How Employers and Business Owners Can Comply with American Rescue Plan Changes       June 8, 10 am        June 23, 10 am


Resource Partner Classes


Fastrac 10-Week Business Startup/Expansion Western WI WBC): June 8, 8:30 am

Make Your Money Talk (WWBIC), June 8, 6 pm

Starting a Food Business-Restaurants (WWBIC), June 8, 6 pm

What Would WWBIC Do? June 9, 1 pm

Start a Small Business in Eight Steps (Western WI WBC), June 9, 6 pm

Strong Women, Strong Coffee (WWBIC), June 10, 8 am

Homebuying 101 (WWBIC), June 12, 9 am 

Start, Run, and Grow Your Business (WWBIC), June 15, 6 pm

So You Want to Start a Business (WWBIC), June 16, 1 pm

The Rules of Money (WWBIC), June 17, 6 pm

Café Fuerte para Soñar: Platicas Virtuales Mensual (WWBIC), June 19, 10 am

ABC's of Business Plans (WWBIC), June 23, 1 pm

Strong Women, Strong Coffee (WWBIC), June 24, 8 am

Friday Feature: Certification (WWBIC), June 25, 1 pm

Cashflow, Cashflow, Cashflow! (WWBIC), June 30, 1 pm

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