2/12 JOIN US! New Year, New Rules with "Uncle SAM"

Massachusetts District Office - February 2021

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New Year, New Rules with "Uncle SAM"


SAM registration may be a new requirement for you to receive federal government grants. SBIR grant recipients have always needed a SAM registration but now recipients of SVOG's (shuttered venue operator grants) are required to be registered in SAM and our SBA Lenders too.

Sandra and Nadine


Sandra Ledbetter, with the MSBDC Government Sales Advisory Office will go through step-by-step instructions to ensure you are properly registered in SAM to receive these targeted grants from the SBA.


Nadine Boone, SBA's Assistant District Director for Business Development, MA District Office, will provide additional updates and information on the SBA programs and services. Please join us to learn how to register your company so you can participate in the next round of special SVG funding or to participate as an SBA Lender.

SAM Registration Webinar

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Tuesday 2/23/21 - 4/27/21 / 5:30pm - 8:00pm 
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Wednesday 2/24/21 / 2:00pm - 3:30pm
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Wednesday 2/24/21 / 11:00am - 1:00pm
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Friday 2/26/21 / 9:30am - 10:30am
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NEW! Section 330 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021: 1-year 8(a) Program Extension FAQs For PUBLIC

New Sec 330

>> Learn more about the 1-year extension of 8(a) program

NEW! Shuttered Venue Operators Grant FAQ (Revised on 2/5)

Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program


1. What can an entity do to get ready to apply?
As the SBA works on building the application platform, it would be in your best interest to register for a DUNS number so you can then register in the System for Award Management (SAM.gov). Also, gather documents that demonstrate your number of employees and monthly revenues so you can calculate the average number of qualifying employees you had over the prior 12 months. Lastly,
determine the extent of gross earned revenue loss you experienced between 2019 and 2020. This and additional information such as floor plans, contract copies and other evidence will be needed to apply for an SVOG.

2. Must applicants register in the System for Award Management (SAM.gov) or can they use other identifiers like ITINs or EINs to apply for an SVOG?
SVOG applicants need to register with the federal government’s SAM at www.SAM.gov to apply and cannot use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, Employer Identification Number, or other means of identification or registration. Interested parties are encouraged to obtain a Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) number (a prerequisite for SAM registration) as soon as possible. With a DUNS number, interested parties then should immediately begin registering in SAM.gov, as the SAM registration may take up to two weeks once submitted.

3. When will SVOG applications open?
The SBA is working expeditiously to open SVOG applications and encourages you to stay up to date by frequently visiting www.sba.gov/coronavirusrelief for information.

>>Read the full, revised SVOG FAQs here

LATEST FAQs on Targeted EIDL Advance (Effective 2/1)

Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance, , EIDL, Coronavirus

Application Process

1. Can I apply now?
Applicants must wait until they receive an email invite from the SBA to apply for the new Targeted EIDL Advance. In accordance with the Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Venues Act (Economic Aid Act), businesses and nonprofit organizations that received a previous EIDL Advance in an amount less than $10,000 will have first priority to apply for the Targeted EIDL Advance and will be the first group to receive email invites to the application portal.

The second priority group are businesses and nonprofit organizations that applied for EIDL assistance before December 27, 2020 but did not receive an EIDL Advance because available funding was exhausted in mid-July 2020.
[Note: Businesses and nonprofit organizations with COVID-19-related losses can still apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), if they have not done so already. More information about the loan program can be found at www.sba.gov/coronavirusrelief .]

2. When will the SBA begin sending email invites to the first priority group?
The SBA will begin sending email invites to businesses and nonprofit organizations that received the EIDL Advance in an amount less than $10,000 starting on February 1, 2021. It may take several weeks before all emails are sent to businesses in the first priority group so please do not be alarmed
if you do not receive your email invite right away. The invite to apply will be sent to the primary contact email address associated with your original EIDL application. All communications from SBA will be sent from an official government email with an @sba.gov ending. Please do not send
sensitive information via email to any address that does not end in @sba.gov.

3. When will the SBA begin sending email invites to the second priority group?
The SBA will closely monitor the rate of applications and approvals for the first priority group and will announce a projected start date for the second priority group at a later date.

4. Does the SBA plan to open up the program to new applications beyond the first two priority groups?
Currently, there are no plans to open the Targeted EIDL Advance program to new applicants beyond the first two priority groups. The SBA’s ability to accept new applications for the Targeted EIDL Advance program will depend on the availability of funds, which the SBA will closely monitor. Any changes to application availability will be announced on www.sba.gov/coronavirusrelief.

>>Read all the Targeted EIDL Advance FAQs here

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