Enhancing Contracting & Economic Opportunities Seminar

Louisiana  District Office  - July  2020

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Enhancing Contracting & Economic Opportunities Seminar





Seminar Topics:

Join us for this exciting Virtual Seminar for Contractors and Grantees to gain
a deeper knowledge of Section 3 programs and services, contracting, business management,
employment, apprenticeship, and training opportunities. The purpose of the Seminar is to increase the
number of contractors registered in HUD's Section 3 Business Registry. The Seminar will expand
participants' knowledge capacity of Section 3 (certification and compliance), showcase examples of how
Section 3 contractors can unlock human potential and match opportunities with residents' skills


Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 Time: 9:30AM – 12:30 PM


Seminar Topics:
HUD Section 3 History: Current and Future State
HUD Programs Covered & Supported by Section 3 Economic Opportunities
SBA Programs & Services Opening Doors
LWC/DOL Apprenticeships & Training Opportunities
HB Developing Strong Banking Relationships that Lead to Success


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For more information, please contact:
Karen Garrett at Karen.M.Garrett@hud.gov or call 504-671-3001 (or)
Crystal Jones-Taylor at Crystal.JonesTaylor@hud.gov or call 504-671-3754