Getting North Dakota Back in Business

North Dakota District Office - May 12, 2020

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4R - Recover, Re-Open, Re-Invent, (be) Resilient

The 4R Project - Getting North Dakota Back in Business

The North Dakota Small Business Developments Centers (ND SBDC) have launched the 4R Project -- Recover, Re-open, Re-invent, (be) Resilient, to help North Dakota's small businesses get "back to business."  This is a state-wide collaborative effort to help all of the state's small businesses, regardless of industry, in weathering the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join us Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 10:30 am Central Time for a discussion of how the 4R Project can assist the businesses in your community!


ND SBDC is part of the SBA's Resource Partner Network. These local partners extend our reach, offering mentoring, counseling, and training to help you start-up and thrive at all stages of business.

National Military Appreciation Month

May is National Military Appreciation Month - a time to honor the sacrifices made by those who are serving, and by those who have served, in the United States Armed Forces.

This month, we salute veteran-owned small business owners like Troy Derheim of Harwood, ND. Troy, a Gulf War Veteran, operates My Aquatic Services - a design, sales, construction, and service company specializing in commercial and residential pool, spa, and specialty aquatic products.

Troy Derheim

Troy Derheim at veteran-owned Rocket Dogs K-9 Aquatics & Wellness Center in Fargo, ND, a My Aquatic Services customer.

Throughout his years in business, Troy has leveraged many SBA resources to help grow his business. A recent Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan is helping him retain staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The SBA PPP loan was a life saver," said Troy. "We have brought together the best team of people I have ever worked with! I was extremely worried about losing our culture and not being able to take care of my employees families. The PPP loan came through in the nick of time and allowed us to retain our staff. We are now working on enhancing our systems, organizing our facility and getting ready for everything to kick off!”

Are you a veteran, service member, National Guard and Reserve member, or military spouse interested in pursuing business ownership? Learn about SBA programs and resources that can help you succeed: