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Wichita District Office  - December 17, 2019

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SCORE Mentorship Helps Guide the Growth of Depict Media

Julie Riley honored by Wichita SCORE Chapter

Julie Riley didn’t know what she wanted to be growing up, but she knew her creativity was her greatest asset. “As a military brat, my family lived in many places across the country. My career path was just as diverse until I found my passion in social media marketing,” said Riley.

Today, Julie Riley is the owner of Depict Media, LLC – a social media marketing company with expertise in chatbot messenger marketing. The company name is play on Wichita’s “ICT” airport code and her company’s mission to help clients depict the right ideas and messaging to promote brand recognition, drive sales and enhance customer service.

Riley was recently honored by Wichita SCORE Chapter at their 2019 annual meeting. 

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The "It can't happen to me" mindset must change about Cyber Security

Small, preventive measures can help protect your business from cyber threats - and enhance your search engine optimization (SEO)!

The common belief that small businesses in Kansas are too small or 'unknown' to be targeted by cyber criminals needs to end. Every business that depends on a computer system and the internet is a potential target. A 2019 study by Keeper Security, Inc. stated that "2 out of 3 respondents (66%) believe a cyberattack is unlikely (even though in reality 67% of small and medium sized businesses experienced a cyberattack in the last year)."  

Small businesses are targeted because cyber criminals know most don't have the financial resources or know-how to protect their data, intellectual property (IP), transactions or websites from being compromised.

While it may not be feasible for a small business to invest a lot in cyber security software, there are a few practical steps business owners can take to reduce risk. Michael Aumack at SBA's Wichita District Office developed a presentation about cyber security for small businesses. Here are a few points from that presentation that can be implemented fairly quickly:

Get Updated: Ensure your operating system, firewall and anti-virus/malware software are updated with the latest 'patches' issued by providers. Assign someone to check for updates and implement them as frequently as possible.

Backups and Recovery: Frequently backup (copy your data) on a storage device located offsite or in the cloud. Protect access to your backup system with a special login with added two-factor authentication. 

Remove non-essential software applications from your system (e.g. games, streaming services, etc.). Ensure all software and apps you do have are supported and rated as safe by reputable sources. 

Delegation of job duties should be reflected in your IT: Restrict the 'admin rights' of users to prevent them from downloading any software or accessing data they don't need for their job. The CEO should have two separate log-in accounts: (1) they use everyday that provides access to the data and systems they normally use, and (2) a log-in with a different password and 2-factor authentication that would provide full-admin rights to everything in the system and allow software changes. The CEO's 'super user' login should only be used when necessary.

Long passphrase (password) that expire every 90 days. A longer phrase is more secure than a shorter one with special symbols that may be hard to remember. Consider typing the chorus of a favorite song in all lower-case letters. It's easier to remember and long enough to baffle a code breaker. 

Consider 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for a more secure log-in. SMS (text) based authentication is the most common 2FA tool, followed by email, authenticator app, or a phone call back.

Activate screen saver lock-out of your computers, laptops and phones after 2-5 minutes of inactivity.

Upgrade your business website with Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure your web domain begins with "https://". Web domains without the "s" are flagged by some browsers as 'unsafe', so having TLS will help your site's SEO results!

Train employees on cyber best practices: How to identify phishing emails and avoid clicking on attachments that may contain malicious software viruses.

Consider Cyber Insurance: Cyber insurance can help protect your business against losses resulting from a cyber attack.

Develop and adhere to a cyber security plan and designate a person or team to implement a quick response in the event of a cyber breach. So, take the cyber threat seriously and take action! Here are some links to helpful resources:

If your business community, association or chamber would be interested in a free workshop on Cyber Security Essentials for Small Business, please contact Michael Aumack at the SBA to set-up one up today.

Seeking Nominations for 2020 Small Business Week Awards

Do you know a Successful Business or Exporter that received assistance from     the SBA, Kansas SBDC or SCORE? Let us know. They could be the next winners of SBA's:

  • Kansas Small Business Person of the Year Award
  • Kansas Small Business Exporter of the Year Award

Behind every success, there is a great story that we would like to publicize. If you provide the lead, we will write and publish the story. 

Please contact Michael Aumack at the SBA Wichita District Office: (316) 269-6275 with a tip, and he will take it from there!

National Small Business Week Awards, submit your nomination.

Upcoming Training & Resources:

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Kansas SBDC Workshops (free)

Meeting the 3Ms: Learning the Basics of Marketing, Management, and Money: Dec. 18 (1-3 p.m.) or Jan. 6  (10 a.m. - 12 p.m.)

Quick Start Business Plan: Dec. 18  (3 - 5 p.m.) or Jan. 6 (1 - 3 p.m.)

All workshops are held at the Wichita State University's Hughes Metropolitan Complex, 5015 E 29 Street North, Wichita, KS 67220. For more information, or to register via phone, call 316-978-3193 today!

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Wichita SCORE Business Advisors


Wichita SCORE mentors are experienced business owners and managers who offer their expertise, energy, and knowledge to assist start-ups and existing small business owners. 

For more information, please call 316-269-6273, Email: or visit their Facebook page: 

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Kansas PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center)

Kansas PTAC Training & Events: Click HERE! 

Kansas PTAC is ready to help your business secure government contracts. The PTAC counselors provide expertise in reading and understanding government solicitations, completing government registrations and bid preparation by explaining forms, regulations and clauses. The PTAC can also assist in developing a government marketing strategy and identifying agencies that purchase your product/service.

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SBA Wichita District Office Lending Report in Fiscal Year 2020

In fiscal year 2020 that began on October 1, 2019 the SBA's Wichita District Office approved 27 small business loans for $13.53 million through November 30, 2019.

The top two business sectors reflected in local SBA lending were Manufacturing and Accommodation & Food Services which combined for 53.73% of the Wichita loan dollars and 40.74% in number of loans. The third largest business sector reflected was Other Services at 18.2% of total Wichita loan dollars.

Out of the 27 loans, 8 were originated under the SBA's Express program, 17 were under the SBA 7(a) loan guarantee, and 2 were under the 504 loan program.

In FY 2020 the Wichita District's goal is to increase lending activity through robust rural outreach efforts to highlight  highlight Lender Match for borrowers and lenders, and SBA’s Franchise Directory, which has resulted in an over 50 percent increase in eligible franchise brands.  

Click HERE to see full report

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