Presidential Message on National Veterans Small Business Week, 2019

Alaska District Office - Nov. 5, 2019

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Presidential Message on National Veterans Small Business Week, 2019

In the United States, veterans own nearly 2.5 million small businesses.  After fighting for our country, these ambitious men and women have returned to civilian life to pursue the American Dream they have dutifully defended.  Throughout National Veterans Small Business Week, we celebrate the success of these hardworking service members and acknowledge their contributions to our Nation’s robust and roaring economy.

Veteran-owned small businesses employ more than 5 million people and generate over $1 trillion in sales and receipts annually.  Entrepreneurial patriots boost our economy and strengthen their communities.  My Administration is tirelessly working to remove barriers that impede veterans from pursuing their professional goals after they return from their service to our country.  In August, I signed a Presidential Memorandum that ensures veterans who are totally and permanently disabled receive the Federal student loan forgiveness to which they are entitled.  These brave men and women have made remarkable sacrifices to protect our freedoms, and we must ensure they have every opportunity to live productive, fulfilling lives.