Monthly Update - U.S. Small Business Administration, Kansas City District Office

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Kansas City District Office  - July 2019

u s small business administration

SBA Loans – June 2019


# of loans made – 63

Loan amount - $28,718,700

County with highest loan count – Johnson, KS (14 loans)

County with highest loan amount (cumulative) – Johnson, KS ($7,005,100)

Top lender(s) by loan count – U.S. Bank, National Association (9 loans)

Top lender by loan amount (cumulative) – Old Missouri Bank ($4,758,500)


Small Businesses Receiving Federal Contracts – Oct 2018 thru June 2019

# of offer letters received – 60

Total dollar value of contracts - $494,088,203.58

# of small businesses receiving offer letters – 19

SBA Lender Updates

SBA Lender

SBA Lender Processing Reminder and Note:


912 submissions: Per the new SOP 50 10 5 K, page 295: CDCs should submit completed SBA Form 912 Packages to SBA via overnight mail or courier to: 409 3rd Street, SW., Washington, DC 20416. Please do not submit them to SLPC. Packages with electronic fingerprint submissions may be submitted via email to:

For life insurance requirements: The standard liquidation rate that can be used for Commercial Real Property has been updated to 85%. For other guidance on life insurance such as when required, the appropriate amount, collateral assignment and the pledge of an existing/new policy, please refer to Page 343 of the new SOP 50 10 5 (K).

Clarification of the Processing Reminder from the June 14 Weekly Update: This requirement is currently in SOP 50 10 5 (K) Subpart A only, referring to SBA Lender requirements and only applies to CDC employees and Agents. SBA is reviewing the federal requirements to determine if the same due diligence review is required for loan applicants.

Per SOP 50 10 5 (K) page 52, the CDC is required to conduct a debarment check for CDC employees and Agents. The SOP reads as follows:  “Individuals and entities suspended, debarred, revoked, or otherwise excluded under the SBA or Government-wide debarment regulations are not permitted to conduct business with SBA, including participating in an SBA-guaranteed loan. CDCs are responsible for consulting the System for Awards Management’s (SAM) Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) or any successor system to determine if an employee or an Agent has been debarred, suspended or otherwise excluded by SBA or other Federal agency (”. 


10/01/2018 to 07/08/2019 Top Lenders by Loan Count:

Kansas City, MO


Bank Name

Loan Count  

   Loan Amount

U.S. Bank, National Association


$         4,935,400

Core Bank


$         9,530,700

Wells Fargo Bank, National Association  


$       10,582,100

UMB Bank, National Association


$         2,795,600

Landmark National Bank


$         9,467,500


Springfield, MO


Bank Name

Loan Count

   Loan Amount

Guaranty Bank


$       10,720,400

OakStar Bank


$       14,751,500

Simmons Bank


$         6,853,500

The Bank of Missouri


$         3,680,800

U.S. Bank, National Association


$            222,200

SBA Springfield Branch Office Moved to a New Location!

New Address:

Hammons Tower

901 East St. Louis Street, Suite 704

Springfield, MO 65806

Phone (417) 413-5793

Fax (417) 889-0074

SBA Kansas City District Office Directory

Jon Malcolm Richards, District Director, (816) 426-4903

Dennis Larkin, Deputy District Director, (816) 426-4914

Mike McWhorter, Lead Lender Relations Specialist, (816) 426-4916

Carolina Vargas, Lender Relations Specialist, (816) 426-4913

Ken Surmeier, Business Opportunity Specialist, (816) 426-4919

Ram Basnet, Economic Development Specialist/PIO, (816) 426-4908

Lisa Zimmerman, Lender Relations Specialist – Springfield Branch, (417) 771-8455