4 Ways to Identify Customer Needs & Sell More

Seattle District Office  -  July 10, 2019

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SBA Online Training: Understanding Your Customer

Four Ways to Identify Customer Needs

Knowing your customer is a vital part of effectively selling your product or service.

Get to Know Your Customer Day is observed quarterly as a reminder for businesses to understand what drives their customers' shopping habits and build lasting relationships.

In honor of Get to Know Your Customer Day on July 19, try one or more of the following four ways to better understand your customer's needs:

  1. Review market research data - There are many places to find detailed market research data for free including Consumer Credit Data, the U.S. Census Bureau and your local library.
  2. Track customer experience - Gather your own primary data by trying out strategies like a secret shopper, or organizing a feedback event for loyal customers.
  3. Recognize the customer's range of choices - Put yourself in your customer's shoes by researching exactly what other options your customer has and how they compare to your product or service.
  4. Identify what drives your customer's buying decisions - Every purchase begins with problem in need of a solution. What problem does your product or service solve? By examining the decision making process a customer takes to solve a problem, you may find ways to position your business as the best possible solution.

Get more tips for understanding your customer with this on-demand SBA course:

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