Only 57% of small business owners do this

Seattle District Office  -  June 19, 2019

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Take a Vacation From Your Business

According to a recent survey, only 57% of small business owners plan to take a vacation each year, and only 32% make it a priority. 

But taking a vacation—even a short one—can make a huge difference in your productivity, motivation and energy levels after your return. 

The following are four tips to make your vacation dreams a reality:

  1. Vacation during your business cycle's slow season - Not every business slow season coincides with summer, plan your time off at the optimal time for your industry.
  2. Let go of the idea that a vacation must be lengthy - If you're looking for the perfect week to get away, it may never come, consider taking an extra long weekend—some time off is better than none.
  3. Stay partially connected - Getting away can be especially challenging for solo entrepreneurs, but that doesn't mean it's not worth getting away for a little while. A recent study showed that 67% of small business owners checked in on their business at least once a day while on vacation.
  4. Get SCORE mentoring - SCORE mentors can help you craft a plan to keep your small business going while you step away to recharge on your vacation.

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