SBA Dallas/Fort Worth Accepting Application for 2019 Emerging Leaders Executive Training

District Office  - February 2019

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SBA Dallas/Fort District Office Opens Application Period for the 2019 Emerging Leaders

Business owners Emerge


The U.S. Small Business Administration Dallas/Fort Worth District Office is seeking 20 established entrepreneurs throughout the 72-county district to participate in a free, seven-month Emerging Leaders intensive executive-level training series.

The SBA Dallas/Fort Worth District Office covers 72 counties in North, East & Central Texas. If you're located within the 72 counties and can make the time commitment and class attendance requirement, make application today! The classes are generally held in Dallas, TX in the afternoon/evening.

Emerging Leaders is a program for established business owners poised for growth. Over the course of seven months, the  participating business owners will learn immediate ways to improve their business and will create a three-year strategic growth plan to build a sustainable business of size and scale. The classes are generally held every 2 weeks.

Emerging Leaders is for established business owners and is not for start-ups or people who are thinking about starting a business.

To be considered, firms must be for-profit enterprises, been in business for at least three years, have at least one full-time employee other than the business owner, and have annual revenues between $250,000 and $10 million.

What are the overall benefits of participation?

The end result of the executive education prepares and encourages small businesses to move to the next level on their growth trajectory and to help them emerge as self-sustaining businesses that create jobs and build communities. At the conclusion of the training, entrepreneurs produce a three-year strategic growth action plan with benchmarks and performance targets that will help them access the necessary support and resources to move forward.

What are the key program highlights?

  • Customized training for “C” (CEO, COO, etc.) level executives with demonstrated business sustainability of at least 3 years in business and annual revenue of at least $250,000
  • A three-year strategic growth action plan with benchmarks and performance targets to help the participant emerge as self-sustaining businesses that creates jobs and build communities
  • Includes 100 + hours of professional specialized training and peer-to-peer counseling delivered over the course of seven months
    Specialized areas of training include:
    Growth Strategies Plans
    Financing and Access to Capital
    Government Contracting
    CEO Mentoring

Eligibility Requirements:

The Emerging Leaders advanced training series is open to small business CEOs whose companies:

  • Have annual revenues of at least $250,000.
  • Have been in business for at least 3 years.
  • Have at least one employee (other than self).

WHO should apply?

Small to medium sized businesses located in within the Dallas/Fort Worth District Office territory of 72 counties in North, East & Central Texas that show a high potential for growth. The application deadline is March 8, 2019!

WHEN: Class will start  in April 2019 so make application today.

COST: The only costs are your time and commitment to complete the curriculum. All other costs are assumed by the U.S. Small Business Administration and local partners.

Business executives interested in participating should complete the online registration form at . For registration follow up questions, contact Elsie Collins at the SBA Dallas/Fort Worth District Office: or

For more information, call (817)684-5500 or (817)684-5530.


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