October Newsletter: Advocacy Releases "What's New With Small Business" Infographic

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What's New With Small Business 2018 Infographic with link

NJ, PA & NY Roundtable Recap 

The call for help from America’s small businesses continued this month in Princeton, New Jersey, Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Poughkeepsie, New York, where the Office of Advocacy held Regional Regulatory Reform Roundtables to hear concerns of small business owners in those regions.


We'd Like To Hear From You

There are two main ways you can help Advocacy in its efforts to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses: 1) Fill Out This Form and share it with your small business colleagues. 2) Inform Your Advocate of the regulatory issues you and your small business are experiencing. Click below to learn more about our Regulatory Reform efforts.


Advocate Visits Puerto Rico

In August, Region 2 Advocate Christine Myers traveled to Puerto Rico. "I have visited Puerto Rico before on vacation, but, admittedly, I was focused on fun, sun and sightseeing. That was before Hurricanes Irma and Maria. This trip I came with a new set of eyes, and, suffice it to say, the trip was eye-opening."



How Is Your State's Small Business Economy Faring?

The Office of Advocacy’s new publication, “State Rankings by Small Business Economic Indicators,” provides comparative data on the 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

Small Business Facts: Business Dynamics

In this fact sheet, research economist Daniel Wilmoth, PhD, describes the rates at which establishments have been opening and closing.

Small Business Facts: Finding Qualified Workers 

In this fact sheet, research economist Daniel Wilmoth, PhD, examines the problem for small businesses of finding qualified workers.


NTIA Requests Comments On Administration's Approach To Consumer Privacy

NTIA is seeking public comments on a proposed approach to this task that lays out a set of user-centric privacy outcomes that underpin the protections that should be produced by any Federal actions on consumer-privacy policy, and a set of high-level goals that describe the outlines of the ecosystem that should be created to provide those protections.See the notice here.

Food And Drug Administration: Use Of The Names Of Dairy Foods In The Labeling Of Plant-Based Products

On September 28, 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a request for comments on the labeling of plant-based products with names that include the names of dairy foods such as “milk,” “cultured milk,” “yogurt,” and “cheese.” 


Q: How many small businesses are there in the U.S.?

A: In 2015, there were 30.2 million small businesses. 

Q: What is the new business survival rate?

A: Four out of five establishments that started in 2016 survived until 2017 (79.8%).

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