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Utah Office  -  January 3, 2018

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Women's Business Center news-- Grant Process Open Until Jan. 31


The 2018 WEC Grant Competition applications are NOW Open! To apply, click on the button below or visit UtahWEC.com. Helpful tips, rules and information on this years Women's Entrepreneurial Conference are coming soon - stay tuned!

To download and mail in a copy of the application instead of submitting online, CLICK HERE.

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The SBA Can Help You Reach Your Small Business Milestones

If you’re a small business owner just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, you’re likely wearing multiple hats which make it easy to miss your successes along your journey as an entrepreneur. Those milestones give you perspective, and often a sense of accomplishment. They allow you to see just how far you’ve come, so it’s important to celebrate them.

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the learning center

Write your business plan

 This course explains the importance of business planning, defines and describes the components of a business plan, and provides access to sample plans and resources that can help you develop a very good business plan. 

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Upcoming Events


Jan 10 Business Graffiti: Create Your Visual Road Map (WBC)

Be part of this interactive and high energy discussion on the Lean Model Canvas and Business Model Canvas, and on how these tools are being used in Lean Business startup today.  The goal of this presentation is to help business owners and aspiring business owners see how their business can fit onto the Business Model Canvas.

Jan 11 Small Business Training (Score)

Join our small business roundtable as we talk about goals. Setting up goals, how to measure them and stay on track Sandy Library - 10100 South Petunia Way(1405 E.), 84092

Small Business Development Center Training (SBDC)

The Utah SBDC Network has several training seminars scheduled in January to meet your needs. From Building a website to tackling your taxes, the SBDC has your business challenges covered.



Emerging Leaders 2018 will start recruiting soon  

The Emerging Leaders program helps small businesses achieve the next level of sustainable growth. For 7 months the participants meet on a weekly basis both in class and in small groups to learn about what it takes to position their businesses for growth.  

The program is free, but there is an application process. The SBA Utah DO will start recruiting again in January for the 2018 session. Contact Ian Lorenzana for more information.

Congratulations to the class of 2017: Left to right, First Row – Instructor Ralph Little, Justin Campbell, Cartwright AEC; Brian Murphy, Moab Luxury Coach, Inc.; Sherry Malan, Commercial Service Contractors; Kelley Pasch, KP Real Estate Inc. DBA Falcon Estates; Nicol Razon, Utah House Cleaning; Jody Barney, Redstar Transportation; Marci Wardle, A1 Group, Inc; Sammy Fan, Enterprise Integration

L-R, Second Row -- Dan Poulsen D&D&D Trucking and Backhoe; Paul Carvalheiro, ServCorp Franchising; Kevin Anderson, Diacor, Inc.; Bob Mack, AAPM; Jeff Ballif, Lone Peak Labs; Saradindu Dolui, Milestone Clothing Resource, LLC 

power up

Inaugural Product Power up Conference

Lender Relations Specialist, Karl Wernick, third from the left, participated as a panelist addressing how to fund and grow a product centered business at the Product PowerUp Conference held in South Jordan, Utah.

The conference was designed to educate, inspire and connect non-technical business founders. Featured discussions included trends in product design and development, sourcing and manufacturing, funding, sales channels and retail strategies, brand building and marketing. 

If you have questions about funding contact Karl Wernick.

District Office Directory

Marla Trollan, District Director --  Executive Officer of the Utah DO

Phone: (801) 524- 3200     Email: Marla.Trollan@sba.gov

Deputy District Director, Vacant

Business Opportunity Specialist, Vacant

Karl Wernick, Lender Relations Specialist

Phone: (615) 524-3210     Email: Karl.Wernick@sba.gov 

Ian Lorenzana, Economic Development Specialist -- Veteran and Small Business Development Liaison, Marketing and Outreach

Phone: (615) 524-3218     Email: Ian.Lorenzana.@sba.gov 

Melinda Workman, Economic Development Specialist -- Score and Women's Business Center Liaison, Marketing and Outreach

Phone: (615) 524-3218     Email: Melinda.Workman@sba.gov 

Siobhan Carlile, Public Affairs Specialist -- Newsletter Editor, Media Relations, Social Media,  

Phone: (801) 524-3217       Email: Siobhan.Carlile@sba.gov

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