Advocacy's New Report Shows Rural Entrepreneurship Decline


Advocacy Report Shows Rural Entrepreneurship has been Declining

A new report by the SBA Office of Advocacy shows that rural America’s rate of entrepreneurship has fallen in recent decades. The report, “The Retreat of the Rural Entrepreneur,” tracks self-employment data from the U.S Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey. According to the author, Daniel Wilmoth, “In 1988, more than 1 in 4 self-employed workers lived in a rural area, but, by 2016, that had fallen to less than 1 in 6.”

The report is available on the Office of Advocacy website. It is part of a series examining trends in U.S. entrepreneurship. Other reports in the series have examined entrepreneurship among millennials, seniors, and immigrants.

The challenges facing rural America are the focus of a recent Executive Order, Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America. The E.O. was issued in April and established a task force led by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Small Business Administration is one of 22 participating federal agencies.

For more information, read Advocacy’s press release.