NEW Funding Opportunity from the HHS Office on Women’s Health

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The HHS Office on Women’s Health invites you to apply for the Prevention of Opioid Misuse in Women: Office on Women’s Health Prevention Awards. You can apply here.

Up to 12 projects (cooperative agreements) will be funded to prevent the misuse of opioids by women across their lifespans. Projects must focus on primary or secondary prevention efforts only and include partnership and collaboration components. Regional, state, local, and community organizations should propose organized activities to achieve this goal through:

  • program development and implementation,
  • health education targeting health professionals and/or women directly, or
  • policy efforts to support primary and/or secondary prevention.

All projects will include an evaluation component. All projects will seek to include socioeconomic diversity and consider cultural and social determinants that may function as barriers to prevention and treatment, such as the fear of criminalization of substance abuse, negative stigma associated with substance abuse, and the implicit and systemic bias of health professionals and health.

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