1205 Community Update - Naval District Washington HR Brown Bag Notes

Active, FTS and Reserve HRs from across Naval District Washington converged this past weekend (January 26th) for a Brown Bag on current issues and topics. Since many of these may be of interest to HRs serving across the Navy, here's a summary of the discussion:

1.   Civilian Physical Health Assessment (PHA):  After many years in development, the new Civilian PHA instruction (BUMEDINST 6120.26) has been signed by the Navy's Surgeon General. Under this new instruction, a SELRES may have PHAs performed by a civilian provider 2 out of 3 years, in line with the current dental exam policy. This should reduce some of the burden on SELRES members and medical department personnel, and have a positive impact on medical readiness. RESFOR will advertise this new instruction and begin the process of training NOSC MDRs. 

More info available here: http://www.med.navy.mil/sites/nmcphc/health-promotion/Pages/pha-civilian.aspx

2.   Enhancement for Drill Management (EDM): For those of us familiiar with the old "RTAR" system for scheduling drills, Enhancement for Drill Management (EDM) is being rolled out in 2014. Ultimately it should be easier to get drills and rescheds requested and approved. It will be accessed through NSIPS, will provide 24/7 access to electronic services to improve drill management at the appropriate level; provide an automated solution for rescheduled, flexible, and additional Inactive Duty Training (IDT) periods; and request, cancel, reschedule, approve and muster for IDT periods.

3.   Even as the Navy Reserve shoulders much more of the Navy's support for contingencies, you can expect mobilization requirements to draw down over the next two years. We expect around 2,800 mobs in 2014, and approximately 1,700 in 2015. You should already know that the Ready Mobilization Pool (RMP) has been disestablished. In its place, restricted groups (primarily Staff communities) will manage their mobilization requirements, while the rest will be placed into the Reserve-wide pool for 2014-2015. Fortunately our volunteer rate remains high at over 70%. Sanctuary and dwell time rules still apply, as does your need to be mob-ready at all times. You can follow the discussion at the CNRF Facebook Page, here: https://www.facebook.com/U.S.NavyReserve/posts/10151998168847570

4.   Along those lines, 128 members are currently assigned to med-hold during their demobilization, for an average of 285 days.

5.   Selected Reserve Critical Skills Retention Bonus Program:  The Navy Reserve received USD(P&R) authorization to pilot a one-year critical skills retention bonus for SELRES Surface Warfare Officers (SWOs). This CSRB, to be announced via NAVADMIN soon, will target O-4s with between 10 and 16 years of commissioned service. The CSRB is $10,000 per year, for 3 years commitment; total bonus value is $30,000, less taxes. USD(P&R) will use retention data gathered to inform DoD retention models on SELRES officer behavior when presented with a mid-career CSRB. Help us get the word out to the SWOs in your units.

6.   This year marks the 99th Anniversary of the Navy Reserve. The 100th Anniversary celebration of the March 3, 1913 founding of the NR has been in the works for nearly a year now. Look for much more on this in the coming months.

7.   Fast Facts: Navy Reserve end-strength is approximately 61,500 FTS and SELRES. End-strength levels will decline from the FY13 EOY level of 62,500 members to a FY14 EOY level of 59,100 members primarily due to reductions in the NECC structure. We should see an increase in end-strength in FY15. Funding outlook for 2014 AT, ADT, IDT, IDTT is good.

8.  You may have seen news articles about the new policy on religious accommodations for uniformed military members. SECNAV has delegated to CNP (VADM Moran) to implement Navy policy. More information here:

9.   Promotions and Boards: It's always good to write a letter to the board! Be especially clear about work accomplished since the last FITREP cycle, your value to HR community, and your progress of certifications, etc. FITREPS are written primarily for the briefer and the board, so watch out for acronyms that those evaluating your record may not be familiar with. Manage your career with a mentor. And start planning now to accomplish those certs, education and experience to be ready for those jobs you want in the next 5 years.

10.   Update on Women in Service Implementation:


a. On 24 Jan 13, SECDEF eliminated the 1994 Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule excluding women from assignment to units and positions whose primary mission is to engage in direct combat on the ground. Navy and other Services submitted detailed plans for implementation of this policy. With the Navy Plan, we fully envision Navy will have no closed occupations, very limited number of closed positions, and equal professional opportunity for females in every officer designator and enlisted rating in the Navy by 1 JAN 2016. 


b. The Navy is proceeding with a deliberate, measured and responsible way to assign women to previously closed positions. If we find that the assignment of women to specific positions or occupational specialties is in conflict with DoD's guiding principles, exceptions to policy will be requested.

c. Navy female officers and enlisted are restricted from assignments to Naval Special Warfare billets, Coastal Riverine Force (CRF) small craft, and religious and medical billets that support Marine Corps Ground Combat Elements (GCE). Additionally, enlisted women are restricted from assignment to FFGs, submarines, PCs, and MCMs due to the prohibitive reconfiguration costs of appropriate berthing and privacy on these platforms. 

d. Navy made the Congressional notification on our intent to open the CRF positions (over 250 positions). These positions should be open to females by early March, 2014! We are looking forward to opening many more positions and thereby establishing equal professional opportunity for all officers and enlisted personnel.

11.   Finally, we would all like to extend our very best wishes to Rear Admiral Cindy Covell as she retires after an exceptional career as our HR Community leader. Contact your Regional HR Captain/Deputy this week if you desire to pass along your well wishes or contribute to her farewell gift. We continue to be in good hands thanks to RDML Annie Andrews' leadership.

I am extremely pleased with all that you do to conduct and support Navy operations around the world. Please help me by continuing to improve our community business processes and communications.

RDML Barb Sweredoski, USN, PHR
Reserve Deputy
Military Personnel Plans & Policy (N13R)

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