NOAA's Planet Stewards Book Club - Join Us on February 18th for Plastic Ocean!

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You don't have to have read the book!

The discussion will be stimulating!

Join us Tuesday, February 18, 2020 

at 8:00 pm Eastern Time for a discussion of :

Plastic Ocean: How a Sea Captain's Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the Ocean

The author,

Captain Charles Moore

will be joining us!

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To join the discussion Dial (toll free) 866-662-7513 

Then, use the pass code: 1170791#

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This book takes the reader through Captain Moore’s initial voyage to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, his subsequent research expeditions, and his fierce work to engage the world in recognizing and taking action on the plastic invasiveness crisis in our oceans. The research expeditions presented in the book are part of a world-wide effort prompting a massive global reassessment of plastic's pervasive presence in the Gyre, raising profound questions regarding the implications of this new remote ‘habitat'. His hard-won credibility and dogged, game-changing efforts to get the world to pay attention to a looming ocean crisis have earned him world-wide respect, igniting participation in The Plastic Pollution Conversation.

Discussion Questions
  1. Under what scenario (political, social and economic systems) could recycling become the solution to plastic pollution?
  2. Can modern design and production innovations make zero waste more than aspirational?
  3. When and how can personal solutions to plastic pollution i.e. lowering one’s plastic footprint, translate into a true global solution to plastic pollution?
  4. Will crises forever be the driver of fundamental economic, political and social change? If so, what will be the crisis with plastic pollution that forces radical change?
  5. While reading Plastic Ocean, recall one or two details that were new and/or interesting to you.
  6. Is there an organization, conference, or event involving plastic pollution that you're involved with or that interests you?
  7. For those of you who are Planet Stewards educators working or planning a stewardship project - does your project involve plastic pollution? If so, how? How will the students be involved?

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