DOCLINE Update | DOCLINE 6.2 released - includes improved functionality for PMID requests


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DOCLINE 6.2 now available

NLM is pleased to announce the release of DOCLINE version 6.2, with multiple-PMID requesting.

As of October 1, the "Got PMID? Get Article!" input field, and the Place Request: PMID option in the Borrow menu now support input of multiple PMIDs.  

With this release, borrowers can retrieve up to five PubMed article citations, select all (or some) citations, add/modify request information (ex. Patron Name, Need by date, routing) as needed, and complete their requests. 

The new request "Success!" system message for multiple-PMID requests includes both the PMID and citation of each request, as well as the lender. New information included in the "Success!" display includes: Borrowing Library name (to assist those responsible for multiple libraries), Patron Name (if input by borrower), date/time requests were placed, and submitting user. 

DOCLINE 6.2 also adds:

  • Updated Manual request receipts with second Author field (if input by borrower)
  • Updated Journals Search to include user options when ‘No Journal Found’
  • Manual request form updated with user help
  • Borrow button labels updated for clarity
  • User Account application emails updated
  • Additional help on "Permission Denied" login error message (for trouble-shooting account issues)
  • Additional search options on Administration Dashboard for customer support
  • Updated NLM Customer Support links in website

Check out the quick tour video for an overview of the feature.  A complete list of release changes is available.



Questions about DOCLINE? See the DOCLINE System home page for quick tour videos, FAQs and more. 

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