Librarians respond to the opioid crisis

Disaster Health Information


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“Long viewed as guardians of safe spaces for children, library staff members have begun taking on the role of first responder in drug overdoses,” CNN reported last week (“The opioid epidemic is so bad that librarians are learning how to treat overdoses,” by Darran Simon, June 23, 2017).  American Libraries also recently reported on the same issue (“Saving lives in the stacks: how libraries are handling the opioid crisis,” by Anne Ford, June 21, 2017).

Though the severity of the current crisis is shocking, it is not surprising to find public librarians supporting the needs of their communities.

The National Library of Medicine has compiled resources to assist librarians and other first responders to ensure that they understand the complex legal and medical issues this crisis presents:

Discover other ways librarians respond to disasters and emergencies with the NLM Disaster Health bibliography, and stay tuned for more information later this summer about an NLM Disaster Health webinar on this topic.